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San Francisco weather

San Francisco skies finally clear again

For now.

Rain unlikely to be “extremely toxic” despite dubious warnings [Updated]

The only real danger today’s weather poses is flash flooding in burn areas.

Terrible SF air starts to clear

Take a deep breath.

Flash-flood watch issued for Camp Fire region: Residents urged to watch for evacuation orders

Predicted rainfall could cause debris flows.

Rain is headed to Bay Area

Storms inbound for fire-ravaged Northern California.

It might actually rain

Dry run may end next week, says forecast.

Air pollution warning issued over fires

Ozone levels expected worst around Antioch, Livermore, and San Jose.

Heat warning in effect as NorCal roasts

Triple digits predicted in some areas, although SF will keep its cool.

Hurricane off Mexico coast to generate dangerous SF waves

Hurricane Fabio could send hazardous waves toward the Bay Area.

Why did San Francisco’s sky turn yellow over the weekend?

Smoke particles lay ochre blanket over the city.

Bay Area weather: Critical fire conditions expected this weekend

Saturday will be the hottest—and the most dangerous—day of the week.

Hail thumps Bay Area, thunder forecast

San Francisco springtime weather breaks all the rules.

Record storm dumps 15 percent of SF’s yearly average rainfall on city

Local weather records stretching back to the Gold Rush era broken.

Atmospheric river postpones Giants game, soaks Bay Area

Dodgers-vs.-Giants game will have to wait for a drier day.

‘Atmospheric river’ rain wallops Bay Area [Update]

A tremendous deluge is floating across the Pacific, bringing much-needed moisture but also risk of flooding.

Weather: California storms more than double snow/water supply, still not enough

Drought recedes further after March storms, but the future looks ominous.

Weather: Avalanche, winter-storm warnings issued for Lake Tahoe area

Weekend ski plans? Not so fast.

Rain brings risk of flooding, mudslides this week

Heavy rains forecast starting Tuesday might overflow into low-lying areas.

Drought recedes from coast, spreads to rest of state

Recent soaking has normalized conditions in Bay Area, at least for now.

Rain, waves, strong winds predicted all week long

It’ll be a dark and stormy night.

Treasure Island, SFO sinking as sea levels rise

Arizona, Berkeley researchers measure coastal depression via satellite

Can one monster storm save California from drought?

Up to seven feet of snow is forecasted for the Sierra Nevada. Will it be enough?

Rain, hail forecast as San Francisco gets soaked

Much-needed storms ring in spring.

Nearly half the state is in drought again

2017’s gains are not rolling over

Freeze warning in effect until Tuesday

SF’s weird weather means summer-like temps in the day and merciless winter at night.

California drought could last more than a decade

The 2016-2017 wet winter may end up just a drop in the bucket, meteorologists warn.

Creeping drought returns to California

Snowpack at 30 percent, near record lows.

Alaska earthquake triggers SF tsunami watch

Although danger has passed, city warns people to keep away from the beaches.

High surf warning in effect for Bay Area beaches

"Breaking waves greater than 40 feet" anticipated along the coast.

Weather: Rain coming to Bay Area; wind, snow heading to the Sierra

Major storm in the Sierra bringing 120 mph winds.

Caltrans braces for fires, floods, storms due to climate change

Bay Area highways, critical evacuation routes during disasters, are highly vulnerable.

Freeze warning in effect for Bay Area Thursday night, Friday morning

Forecast warns of one of the coldest nights of the year

Weather: Rain finally forecast in SF again

Meanwhile, "abnormal dryness" is spreading throughout the state.

Bad air warnings in effect for SF (update)

Another serious warning is in effect in San Francisco on Friday morning, as the EPA’s AirNow site assesses air quality in SF as "unhealthy."

Atmospheric river brings feet of snow to Sierra Nevada mountains

This week’s precipitation event is moderate and short lived, but that hasn’t stopped the snow from piling up in Lake Tahoe.

Storm turns Lake Tahoe into surfin’ safari

Area’s first atmospheric river storm of the season produces far out results.

Flash flood watch issued for North Bay fire zone

After a month of devastating wildfires, the North Bay must now keep an eye out for sudden flooding. A storm is expected to wallop the Bay Area today and Thursday.

Rain is coming to San Francisco

Weather forecasts call for significant rain in the Bay Area on Thursday night or Friday, possibly complicating conditions in recent fire zones.

How climate change made the North Bay fires worse

"If we had the wine country fire, more than 100,000 acres, that would be from Richmond to Hayward...and that is possible."