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San Francisco ride-hailing

To dissuade ride-hailing, BART riders could start skipping lines at SF airport

Agency board considers "trip verification technology" for travel perks to combat Uber and Lyft.

SF ride-share tax ahead in voter poll, but still in big trouble

Poll for Proposition D shows plurality support it, but well short of the two-thirds margin needed.

Here’s every study of every terrible thing Lyft and Uber do to SF traffic

Buckle up.

Tax on Lyft and Uber going to SF voters

Ride surcharge would raise millions for transit, including street safety.

SF rental bike shortage ends despite lawsuits, acrimony

SFMTA permits new Lyft bikes, even as the ride-hailing company sues the city.

San Francisco to add 11,000 bike shares, quadruple current rate

SFMTA pledges huge dividends for stationless bike program—but Lyft wants to stop it.

SF must slash or eliminate Muni fares to fight ride-hailing, say students

Graduate program says better alternative is only viable way to compete.

Study says Lyft and Uber are ‘biggest contributors’ to SF traffic congestion

"Observed changes in travel time are worse than the background changes would predict."

Uber sending drivers to college

As driver ire rises ahead of IPO, the company extends more perks—but only to those who drive often.

Uber bikes once recalled for brake problems similar to Lyft bikes

Company says it fixed faulty brake issues in 2018, but never told anyone about it

Lyft pulls electric bikes from major cities over bad brakes

"Out of an abundance of caution, we are proactively removing the pedal-assist bikes."

Lyft pledges bikes and transit discounts for ‘underserved’ Oaklanders

Ride-hailing company ponies up $700,000 in grant money to city.

Researchers blame Lyft, Uber for spike in traffic collisions

Preliminary draft suggests increase in vehicular accidents.

Uber’s Jump bikes coming to the Presidio

But don't take them on the trails or leave them lying around.

Lyft pushing pickups off busy Valencia blocks

Ride hailing company says summer experiment revealed parking mess, danger between 16th and 19th

San Francisco to tax Lyft, Uber rides in city

Lawmaker announced he will drop his proposed November ballot initiative taxing ride-hailing companies, like Lyft and Uber, in favor of an alternative per-ride tax on trips that start in San Francisco.

Lyft, Uber increase traffic 180 percent in major cities, says report

Riders are giving up public transit—not their cars—in favor of ride-hailing trips.

Uber among dozen companies applying for scooter permits

Rideshare rivals Lyft and Uber both want in on the scooter game, along with ten other companies.

San Francisco subpoenas Lyft, Uber

City Hall might be gearing up for a fight over drivers and labor laws.

Lyft might be scooting into the e-scooter game

Ride-hailing company allegedly hired consultants for a possible two-wheeled expansion.

Uber says flying taxis ready in two to five years

Ride-hailing company promises that it will have demo flights of its proposed flying-taxi network up and soaring by 2020, with general public access ready by 2023.

Lawsuit: SF let Uber and Lyft kill taxi cabs, and stuck credit union with the bill

SF Federal Credit Union accuses SFMTA of allowing Uber, Lyft to kill cabs and taxi-permit sale program—but not before making $64 million.

Uber gives up on self-driving cars in California

Ride-hailing company’s state permits will expire March 31.

Uber taps NASA engineer for flying cars

Uber Elevate hopes to soar within a decade, but they’re not building or developing flying vehicles just yet. Still, the hiring of a NASA aircraft design vet suggests that they’re serious about moving the concept closer to reality.