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San Francisco transportation

A plan to combine the Bay Area’s dozens of transit networks

SF-based Assemblymember David Chiu wants to put different agencies on the same track.

Why do Hayes Valley NIMBYs want to stop this Page Street bike program?

City says separating cyclists and divers is good for the neighborhood, but an appeal tried to block the plan on—wait for it—environmental grounds.

A car-free Valencia Street? It could happen.

"If the city is working toward a long-term plan to reduce carbon emissions and eventually become a relatively car-free city, I’m ultimately for it."

South Beach parking space asks $100,000, which, unfortunately, is normal

This is the world in which we live.

Pivotal transit-housing bill fails Senate vote

Third time isn’t a charm.

Now that Market Street is car-free, what does this mean for you?

It’s official.

27 facts about cable cars, SF’s moving national landmark

For Cable Car Day, here’s a look at the driving force that has kept the cables turning for nearly 150 years.

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How to get around if you don’t own a car

It’s easier—and more practical—than you think.

Starting January 29, Market Street will ban (most) cars downtown

Buses and taxis can still use central thoroughfare, but Uber and Lyft are out.

Congressperson wants to shut up night flights around SFO

Jackie Speier responds to deafening number of noise complaints around SF airport.

SF City Hall can’t stop shooting down transit-housing bill

"We get it, you don’t like it," says frustrated state senator.

Golden Gate Bridge suicide barrier delayed

Life-saving project likely two years late, set for 2023.

Part of Octavia Boulevard permanently closed to cars in park extension

Closure extends Hayes Valley park and could help combat driver-related deaths.

California politician used BART cafes in fraud scheme

Former San Bernadino assemblymember promised to open Peet’s locations at two SF BART stops but now admits he absconded with the money.

San Jose and Milpitas BART off until April

Or longer.

SF transportation realities that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Uber, bike shares, a transit center, and streets barred to drivers—transportation changed in SF since 2010.

The Bay Area has 151 mass transit organizations

But are any of them on time?

Forty-foot tall windblown gyroscope installed at Central Subway stop

The first of ten major large-scale installations.

Here are the new best and worst on-time Muni lines

The 25 Treasure Island comes in on top on an otherwise dreary list.

San Jose BART plan absolutely, completely late

Every trick in the book couldn’t get trains running to Berryessa Station before December 31.

Ride this turkey-shaped bike route through SF this Thanksgiving

An adorable but grueling post-holiday ride to burn off those extra calories across 50 miles of bird-shaped San Francisco hill pedaling.

BART director says transit agency is duping passengers into thinking system is safe

Debora Allen rails against her fellows in op-ed.

BART will finally reopen SF station bathrooms—but only at Powell Street

After nearly 20 years, most facilities remain shuttered.

‘We in transportation have to clean up the mess of bad housing policy,’ says new SFMTA director

He also rides the K, L, and M lines—when he isn’t commuting by bike.

City offers payments to Chinatown merchants over Central Subway

Mayor’s office and SFMTA try to make good after years of complaints from business owners.

SF may consider cutting speed limits to 20 miles per hour

Pedestrian safety committee says slashing speed will save lives.

SF declares state of emergency for traffic deaths. Can it save pedestrians?

Pedestrians and cyclists need more than feel-good resolutions to stop driver-related deaths.

BART posts elevator watchdogs at all downtown SF stations

Attendants on elevators are one of the few things riders say they like about BART.

San Francisco’s ride-hailing tax squeaking through

Fees on Lyft and Uber rides barely ahead of the margin.

BART blows deadline for new San Jose station

But VTA holds out hope for trains to roll by the end of the year.

The San Francisco streetcars for dead passengers

Funeral cars, which ran along the 14-Mission line, were a critical service after SF banned burials within city limits.

To dissuade ride-hailing, BART riders could start skipping lines at SF airport

Agency board considers "trip verification technology" for travel perks to combat Uber and Lyft.

When Lombard Street turned into Candy Land, it showed how fun car-free streets can be

So sweet.

BART says panhandling and busking ban is legal

"People come to San Francisco from all over the world and they are shocked by what they see on our transit system," says agency director.

How will survivors get around after the next big quake?

Seismic disaster tests San Francisco’s critical but fragile transit networks.

What other streets should ban cars?

Probably most of them.

SF votes to ban cars from Market Street

$604-million project would turn San Francisco’s main thoroughfare into a safer space for everyone.

Thousands of new e-scooters hit San Francisco streets today

But maximum cap is now a fraction of previous projection as the city slashes e-scooter fleet by 60 percent.

California governor vetoes Lombard Street toll bill

Newsom says world-famous street should remain free to all.