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San Francisco transportation

San Francisco to close more streets to promote safe walking

Part of the "slow streets" program, these closures will add even more safe spaces for essential trips.

An abridged history of the Transbay Transit Center over the years

A look back at eight decades of San Francisco’s fantastic—and frustrating—public transit leviathan.

Say goodbye to the Geary Boulevard pedestrian bridge

It goes down over Memorial Day weekend.

Pedestrian etiquette guide during the coronavirus pandemic

Maintain six feet of buffer space, beware of joggers, don’t pet pups, and more.

Golden Gate Park’s JFK Drive to go car-free promote social distancing

The city will also close McLaren Park’s Shelley Drive.

Federal bailout saves Bay Area public transit

The light at the end of the tunnel is a train—gratefully.

Muni accused of price gouging over fares

Supervisor says he’s willing to prosecute the city’s transit network.

Muni votes to raise fares during outbreak, economic woes

Fare hike is unpopular, but SFMTA chief says no one has any better ideas

SF announces street closures to promote social distancing

Through vehicular traffic will be banned but local access permitted.

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A love letter to Glen Park’s Brutalist BART station

This unsung hero of "brooding grandeur" is the Bay Area’s most stunning transit station, period.

Bay Area cities should just get rid of crosswalk buttons

Emeryville doing away with do-nothing health hazards.

Delayed again: BART to San Jose, Milpitas sets June opening target

At least one thing hasn’t changed

BART service dwindles during Bay Area shutdown

Plummeting ridership forces transit agency to slash service.

Muni eliminates nearly every route in SF

"Please do not ride Muni if you are feeling ill, except as necessary to seek medical care after consulting with your medical provider," says transit agency.

Collapse of transit shows shelter-in-place order working

Transit metrics dropped last month, as people listened to public health warnings and stayed home.

A look at the Forest Hill Station

San Francisco’s oldest Muni station deserves a second look.

Caltrain cuts service in half during COVID-19 outbreak

Transit will still operate during the order, despite the mandate to use it as little as possible.

Muni to halt all light-rail and underground service

The order goes into effect Monday

Bay Area public transit agencies cut hours and routes amid coronavirus outbreak

Even cable cars are temporarily canceled.

Vote on utopian Bay Area transit unification canceled

Ongoing novel coronavirus concerns have derailed "Faster Bay Area," at least for now.

Scooters temporarily quit SF streets, but one company refuses to roll away

Only Spin remains in operation during SF’s shelter-in-place order.

Golden Gate Park should be car-free during shelter-in-place orders

To meet the demand for safe park space during shelter-in-place order.

The Golden Gate Bridge seeks an emergency bailout

And so does BART as commuters stay home and fares plummet.

‘SFMTA will not ticket for street sweeping,’ says mayor

Everything you need to know about parking your vehicle during the San Francisco coronavirus closures.

Why SF is not quite on ‘lockdown’ right now

The Bay Area’s shelter-in-place directives are sweeping, but far less so than the lockdowns in some European countries.

SF vehicular traffic drops amid novel coronavirus

The coast is eerily clear.

Muni tries to design a better train seat

Yes, they’re bringing back the butt grooves.

Uber’s self-driving cars return to San Francisco

"We are excited to resume autonomous testing in Uber’s home city this week," says company.

What would it take to make a car-free Valencia Street happen?

Urban designers say Market Street-style closure is possible and could be positive for the neighborhood.

Muni riders push for North Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Marina subway stops

Notes from the underground.

Car-free Market Street barely driving up traffic on Mission Street

But the difference is negligible, and traffic is down on other nearby streets.

How to ride Muni like a pro

Where to sit and stand, how to load your Clipper Card, and the best apps.

Lyft shocks with e-bike price hike, and Uber bikes leave town

It’s a vicious cycle.

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The 5 most pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods in SF

Not all neighborhoods are equal when foot hits pavement.

How will we pay for the high-speed train to San Francisco?

California High-Speed Rail has tens of billions of dollars in-hand, but needs tens of billions more to connect northern and southern poles.

You might have to pay to park on Sundays and evenings in SF

Mayor London Breed touts longer meter hours, "congestion pricing" as fixes for traffic in spite of driver ire.

What happened to the Bayview?

Transit report shows that the southeastern neighborhood remains a diverse working-class hub, but the African-American culture that once defined it has almost vanished.

Why don’t people want to ride BART at night?

Workday commutes are business as usual for agency, but night and weekend riders have deserted.

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Pedestrian etiquette guide: How to use SF sidewalks like a good person

Sharpen your sidewalk game