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Now that Twitter employees can work at home forever, what’s to become of its headquarters?

The tech titan’s move into an Art Deco monolith in Mid-Market was supposed to be a symbol of change.

Uber’s self-driving cars return to San Francisco

"We are excited to resume autonomous testing in Uber’s home city this week," says company.

Apple offers $150 million to affordable housing developers

But in the current housing environment, that figure only builds a few hundred homes.

Lyft shocks with e-bike price hike, and Uber bikes leave town

It’s a vicious cycle.

Tech IPOs didn’t destroy Bay Area housing after all

Come out of the bunkers, it’s safe now.

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The homes and garages where the biggest tech companies got their starts

See the humble beginnings of Apple, Facebook, Uber, and more.

Oracle convention pulls out of SF over ‘street conditions’

The tech giant cites hotel costs and homeless crisis.

Bay Area residents unhappy with region says every poll ever

For years, pollsters have said San Franciscans are spoiling to leave—and it’s all starting to sound the same.

San Francisco’s ride-hailing tax squeaking through

Fees on Lyft and Uber rides barely ahead of the margin.

Here’s how much money Bay Area tech giants will invest in housing

Apple, Facebook, and Google have made seven-figure affordable housing investments since June.

Bernie Sanders accuses Apple of starting California housing crisis

But the senator fails to call out cities not doing their part.

Apple will give $2.5 billion for housing

Tech companies have promised over $4.5 billion total.

To dissuade ride-hailing, BART riders could start skipping lines at SF airport

Agency board considers "trip verification technology" for travel perks to combat Uber and Lyft.

Facebook pledges $1 billion to fight California affordable housing crisis

Thumbs up?

SF ride-share tax ahead in voter poll, but still in big trouble

Poll for Proposition D shows plurality support it, but well short of the two-thirds margin needed.

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Apartment buildings with luxe amenities

Behold the perks of living in one of the city’s newer residential towers.

San Francisco decides not to ban tech company cafeterias

Ban could return in the future if labor negotiations between workers and tech companies glitch

You can rent Mark Zuckerberg’s old bedroom for $1,950 per month

"Original Facebook house" was home to social media giant’s earliest days.

Here’s every study of every terrible thing Lyft and Uber do to SF traffic

Buckle up.

Amazon wants to open SF liquor store, deliver booze

Dogpatch warehouse would host small storefront with potentially large profile

Delivery robots are finally coming to SF

But only for tests, not for service—yet.

Tech millionaire fined $3.76M after destroying wetlands for winery

Kevin Harvey’s Rhys Vineyards ruined protected natural assets with unpermitted work

Tech CEO can’t sell $5.19M condo next to Dolores Park, says he’ll return it to developer

Founder of Hive social network calls real estate snafu "a truly humbling experience."

Google loans $50 million as part of billion-dollar housing plan

Loan to development fund that hopes to build 10,000 homes in ten years.

New Duboce Triangle building to become hotel-like residences

"We take a curated approach to location that’s built around putting Sonders in the best neighborhoods where people actually live."

SF rental bike shortage ends despite lawsuits, acrimony

SFMTA permits new Lyft bikes, even as the ride-hailing company sues the city.

Google plan would build housing at slower rate than SF, San Jose

"It’s clear that a tech giant alone cannot solve the housing crisis."

Can Google’s billion-dollar investment help Bay Area housing crisis?

The tech giant’s housing pledge "changes the conversation." How does it change things on the ground?

Google investing $1B to build 20,000 homes in Bay Area

Tech giant pledges 15,000 units on its own land.

Google’s new San Jose campus will make rents soar

Labor group says tech company must build 112,700 homes to stave off rent escalation.

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Bay Area’s best co-working spaces, mapped

These supportive and creative spots will bring out your best work.

SF City Hall fed up with Twitter tax break

"Shame and disgrace" lawmaker says of benefits to Mid-Market neighborhood.

Menlo Park startup chooses midcentury stunner for new home [Correction]

Cliff May-designed office space now features a mural by Berkeley-based artist Nigel Sussman.

Startup rents bunkbeds in the Tendernob for $1,200 per month

"Pods" try to make a virtue of necessity.

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Mapping everything that’s closed or closing in SF this year

Lest we forget.

SF must slash or eliminate Muni fares to fight ride-hailing, say students

Graduate program says better alternative is only viable way to compete.

San Francisco becomes first U.S. city to ban facial recognition technology

Similar spy-cam software "is being used around the world for mass surveillance of minority groups."

SF home sales up ahead of Uber IPO

Ride-hailing company sputters in trading, but may break housing skid.

Study says Lyft and Uber are ‘biggest contributors’ to SF traffic congestion

"Observed changes in travel time are worse than the background changes would predict."