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Silicon Valley development

Why are San Jose NIMBYs trying to block this beautiful Buddhist temple?

Some people in Evergreen fret that Cambodian sect will create noise and traffic, but temple members promise meditative peace.

Hundreds of market-rate apartments break ground in Fremont

While the East Bay city builds homes at a breakneck pace, affordable housing remains rare.

Stanford offers billions for housing in fight with county

"I don’t even know how you can even make that proposal with a straight face."

Can Google’s billion-dollar investment help Bay Area housing crisis?

The tech giant’s housing pledge "changes the conversation." How does it change things on the ground?

Google investing $1B to build 20,000 homes in Bay Area

Tech giant pledges 15,000 units on its own land.

Google’s new San Jose campus will make rents soar

Labor group says tech company must build 112,700 homes to stave off rent escalation.

Opponents of transit-housing bill find an audience in Palo Alto

Elected officials and community leaders band together to fight housing initiative, but not everyone in the Silicon Valley enclave is onboard.