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SF Videos

Take virtual tours of SF streets, museums, and cultural institutions without leaving home

Stuck inside? You can still experience some of SF’s best cultural offerings.

Video: Cool underground tour of Chinatown Station

The whole shebang is long delayed and over budget, but it’s hard not to be impressed.

Watch Burning Man 2017 live (updated)

To view the festival now in progress, check out our live cam. It will stream all this week, culminating with Sunday's burning of the man.

Swoop into San Francisco with this gorgeous drone video

Chinatown, Transamerica, and AT&T Park from above.

Watch Big Sur bridge come crashing down

Failing bridge proved surprisingly sturdy when crews tried knocking it down over several days, as damaged span seemed impervious to the blows of a 6,000 pound wrecking ball.

West Oakland, from above

A "pigeon’s eye-view" of the town reveals beauties great and small in a truly lovely but overlooked neighborhood.

We break down 30 years of SF historical footage

YouTube channel compiles three decades of historical footage into a surprisingly crisp and clear video montage of your grandparents' (or great grandparents') San Francisco.

Hyperlapse video of SF reveals hidden gems

We've all seen time time lapse photography of San Francisco, but this one by local photographer Matt Richards has a little more to it than most.

Lovesick Drones Gaze Longingly at Apple Campus From the Air

A decidedly long-distance relationship

How Full House Would Look Today

Before the remake of the sit-com airs this weekend, a not-so-funny look at what it costs to live in SF

Take a Look at the Over-the-Top Video Featuring The Pacific

Just in time for the Oscars, a sales video you "wouldn't think could exist"

The Big Splash: Slow-Mo Video of the Bay Bridge Pier Implosion

10 Must-Play Video Games for Architecture and Design Nerds