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SF Rental Market Reports

Senator Kamala Harris pitches tax relief bill for renters

Bay Area lawmaker’s Rental Relief Act is first national response to housing crisis.

Number of SF family homeowners plummets over 10 years

Meanwhile, the number of renters with children has swelled.

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Which tech company’s workers can afford to rent in SF?

Median income reports for Silicon Valley’s top-tier companies reveal who’s being priced out.

Does SF really have the most expensive rents in the world?

A claim that San Francisco suffers the highest median rents in the world made international headlines.

Rents creep up alongside new construction, says report

"Appreciation is faster among two- and three-bedroom rentals, especially in areas with more new apartment construction."

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Map: Here’s the salary you need to rent in every SF neighborhood

Most San Franciscans don’t really need to be told that it costs a lot to rent in the city these days, but the news keeps coming whether we’re ready or not.

More residents contemplating leaving Bay Area, says poll

Number of those "likely to move" up 46 percent compared to 2017.

Will you really have to pay $3,500/month for a studio in SF?

Only for the wealthy or the unlucky, by and large.

Berkeley has Bay Area’s lowest rents, says reports

Rents are climbing across the Bay Area according to estimates reported by prominent rental sites analyzing how prices changed on their platform in the month of April.

SF apartment supply up—same goes for rent prices

"Demand to get an apartment in San Francisco is still outpacing the supply of apartments in the city."

Plot twist: San Ramon has Bay Area’s highest rent

Census says affluent Contra Costa County suburb is region’s most expensive locale.

San Francisco rents freeze in first month of 2018

If no news is good news then we’re the happiest renters on earth.

Bay Area rents soared 40 to 50 percent since 2012

Still too damn high.

San Francisco, San Jose receive F grade from renters

Oakland squeaks out a D grade.

Here’s what the average SF renter had to pay in 2017

Popular rental sites report a year-long average price of more than—gasp—$3,000 per month

Ingleside, Little Hollywood predicted 2018’s hottest neighborhoods

At least according to rental site Zillow.

Robot-led home tours are a thing now

This is not a drill: Zenplace, a San Francisco-based property management startup, will offer potential tenants tours of homes using robots.

San Francisco rents finish 2017 by rising, breaking our hearts

In spite of hopes, dreams, and secret late night wishes on stars, rents dashed dreams by rising over the course 2017.

Cost-burdened renters are low in SF, because high-income renters have increased

Rents are up but incomes are up too, meaning San Franciscans with high salaries can afford the unaffordable.

SF, San Jose have lowest eviction rates nationwide, says study

Study breaks down eviction data in major metros across the U.S. and came up with some good, albeit startling, news for the Bay Area.

80% of renters love San Francisco despite cost, says survey

In spite of the withering cost of living and renting in the city, the roughly 600 SF respondents were among the most satisfied with their community.

San Francisco’s most affordable apartments: How much do they cost?

Those who can’t afford San Francisco’s median prices may be left wondering what recourse any of these sites offer.

San Francisco rent prices down slightly

A long, hot summer has given way to a slightly cooler fall in San Francisco. Not in terms of weather but when it comes to the rental market.

San Francisco rent: $1,500 nets you 316 square feet

Last week RENTCafe employed data firm Yardi Matrix to examine how much space renters can expect for a set price—$1,500/month—in 30 cities worldwide, including San Francisco.

Belated good news: Summer season fails to heat up San Francisco rents

Summertime usually brings rental prices to a boil. But with August coming to an end, the San Francisco numbers on major rent platforms look a bit tepid.

Only four Bay Area cities beat California’s median rent

Almost nowhere in the nine Bay Area counties can renters expect to rent a home for less than the California median price.

42 percent of SF millennials, 49 percent of baby boomers can’t afford rent

Alas, this is lower than the national average, although the reasons for that may be deceptive.

Tech shuttles are SF’s biggest rental amenity, says apartment listing site

HotPads says the term shows up 12 times more often in its San Francisco listings compared to other cities, where it doesn’t even crack one percent most of the time.

83 percent of Bay Area renters plan to leave, says survey

At least the line at the taqueria will be shorter if nearly all of the Bay Area’s renters take off. The poll of 24,000 renters in 50 cities found that most tenants in most cities have eyes elsewhere.

One year’s rent in SF costs more than a down payment in most cities

A year’s worth of rent here would net a mortgage in most of the country.

Oakland is third-worst value for renters in U.S.

WalletHub weighs affordability against quality of life and finds Oakland lacking. A more strict measure of just the price of renting does better by the town, but not much.

Peninsula rent prices dip since 2016

In cities between San Francisco and San Jose, Zumper reports a nearly three percent year over year decline in the price of a single bedroom. But they’re still some of the priciest places in the Bay Area, and the country.

Average cost for a spare room in San Francisco: $1,815/month

Note that that’s more than the rent for an entire two-bedroom apartment in almost every city in the U.S.

SF rents dropping ever so slightly each month, says report

But rental sites have told us for a year and a half that prices are going down, and it never seems to translate to real savings for renters. What gives?

San Francisco is eighth least affordable city for renters worldwide

It could be worse. For example, we could be one of seven other global business hubs where things are somehow even harder to get by in.

San Francisco rents back to topping New York prices

It was nice while it lasted, assuming it was ever real. The same site that reported last year’s plunge in prices has now radically changed how it calculates rents.

Map: Median one-bed rents across San Francisco neighborhoods

But rents in the priciest neighborhoods are down year over year, as would-be renters are bumped from the city’s ritziest ZIP codes.

Here’s how many minimum-wage hours it takes to afford a two-bed in SF

Which of course is impossible.

SF rents are way lower than you think, says one report

But three competing studies disagree.