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SF Rental Market Reports

S.F. sees ‘unprecedented’ drop in rent prices

New data suggests that change could be coming to a city long stifled by skyrocketing rents.

How a Bay Area rent strike might work

Tenant groups say the time for mass nonpayment is nigh, but landlords balk.

Richmond’s rent-freeze plan melts under scrutiny

City gives freeze the cold shoulder.

Supervisor Preston wants indefinite eviction ban over COVID-19

The SF lawmaker takes a page from Oakland with permanent—but limited—renter shield.

SF rent prices rise slightly during coronavirus pandemic

March rent prices were immune to the downturn.

What to do if you can’t pay this month’s rent

Everything you need to know about eviction protections in the Bay Area during the COVID-19 outbreak.

‘We need to stop the next Great Depression’

Inside the push for rent cancellation and mortgage moratorium.

How coronavirus will affect SF’s rental market

"It will take a huge lack of interest from renters to push down rent prices in SF."

Gov. Newsom orders California coronavirus eviction ban

Moratorium in effect through the end of May.

SF rental market plunges after COVID-19 news

The word "shelter" has a whole new meaning these days.

More evictions barred in SF during coronavirus spread

No-fault removals via Ellis Act and other means are off limits under new order, but some politicos want more aggressive protections.

SF’s wealthiest renters are having trouble paying for housing, says Harvard research

More money, more problems.

Oakland approves ban on tenant criminal background checks

New law, the most aggressive in California, will help formerly incarcerated people have a fair chance to housing.

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Is it better to buy or rent in San Francisco?

The better deal in the long run depends on how long your run is.

More people want to move to San Francisco


It’s now illegal in California for landlords to turn down housing vouchers

But hundreds of Bay Area property owners are flouting the new law.

This decade saw the end of renting as we know it

Rarely cheap or easy, the rental game in SF went from an ordeal to a war zone this past decade.

SF rents broke record highs—and hearts—all year

In a competition nobody wants to win, SF’s market rents came in first for all of 2019.

Oakland and San Jose have some of country’s happiest renters

But San Francisco didn’t even crack the top ten.

Here’s how much more new renters pay in the Bay Area

SF has some of the lowest rents in the region, but some of the highest mark-ups on new rental housing.

The most expensive ZIP codes in SF for renters

Annual rankings show the effects of east side development.

San Francisco market rents soar up to 105 percent above average

Longtime San Franciscans pay more and more in rent, but newcomers have it worse.

The 19 Bay Area cities with higher rents than SF

Sunnyvale took the unenviable number-one spot in 2018.

SF rents soar as much as 18 percent in five years


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On the hunt for an apartment? Try these 9 Craigslist alternatives


SF does not have the highest rents in the Bay Area

Menlo Park and Palo Alto beat SF when it comes to stratospheric rents.

These are the most affordable places to rent in the Bay Area

Only four regional cities cost less than the state average to rent, according to Zumper.

Housing crisis: SF’s median market rent hits new all-time highs

Compiled data paints a grim picture.

Redwood City, Mountain View have some of country’s highest rents, says report

Peninsula living peaks.

Dublin—yes, Dublin—is one of America’s fastest growing cities

East Bay city up more than 30 percent for the decade.

Bank claims SF has highest salaries, second-highest rents worldwide

It’s feast or famine in 2019.

San Francisco neighborhoods where rents have actually dropped

It’s a short list—but a good one.

San Francisco rents declared highest worldwide—again

SF’s $3,690 median rent on a one-bedroom apartment is global peak.

Did SF rents just hit an all-time high? Probably not.

Zumper reported its highest SF apartment rent median of all time, but other sources disagree.

SF, San Jose renters confident they’re getting bargain on rent, says survey

For some reason renters in two of the country’s priciest cities think their rent is reasonable. Huh.

San Francisco rents close 2018 by rising—again

While the city’s housing market slowed a bit this year, it hasn’t stalled rent growth.

SF considers barring offices from Union Square ground floor

Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s plan would reserve shopping district spaces for retail.

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  • Map

The Bay Area’s highest rents, mapped

Home to some of the country’s most expensive neighborhoods for renters.

It’s now cheaper to rent than buy in San Francisco, says report

"Escalating prices are driving homes further out of reach."