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San Francisco Lofts

South Beach loft with Tribeca vibes asks $4.95M

Inside 1926 building converted into homes in 1996.

Late artist Rex Ray’s Allied Box Factory loft lists for $1.599M

1909 warehouse converted into lofts in 2001.

This converted 1867 warehouse is why you should still love lofts

Unit inside the Oriental Warehouse seeks $1.79 million.

Loft inside slender South Beach building seeks $4.5M

Includes commercial space and two-floor residence.

South Beach loft with recording studio seeks $4.5 million

Formerly owned by Web 1.0 bigwig Steve Perlman (WebTV, Mova), this two-story loft doubled as both home and think tank back in the heady early aughts.

Industrial SoMa warehouse loft asks $2.4 million

Glacial beauty features exposed piping and concrete floors.

Brick and timber South Beach loft asks $2.2 million

Built in 1917 as a warehouse and printing shop, 355 Bryant was transformed into live/work lofts in 1992 shortly before the first dot-come wave and bust.

Full-floor SoMa loft is what city living should look like

Inside circa-1910 residential space, converted over the last decade into live-work homes, is a loft up for grabs for princely sum.

Hidden SoMa loft, replete with black-and-white interiors, asks $3.5M

Comes with private terrace.

Industrial warehouse turned industrial loft in SoMa asks $2.79 million

A concrete lover’s dream next door to a beloved South of Market music venue.

Dramatic SoMa loft asks $1.79 million

Mid-aughts abode benefits from recent renovation.

Tiny Mid-Market loft asks $399K

Welcome to the Under $700K club, wherein we salute those home listings that manage to keep their initial list price well under seven figures, especially in this time of excess.

Oriental Warehouse loft asks $1.49 million

We love lofts yet again, as another unit in one of San Francisco’s oldest standing buildings cycles back to market.

Wilkes Bashford owner puts up 7,000 foot SoMa loft

A lot of loft for $7.95 million, hiding in an unassuming SoMa building.

Mint Plaza penthouse asks a mint at $4.79 million

Printing money is one thing, but the upper floor of this onetime disused fire station turned luxury apartment turned luxury condo coming on for the jackpot price of just under $5 million is a way to make change that lasts.

Top-floor, industrial South Beach loft asks $1.17M

Right along Second Street, as you head toward AT&T Park to catch a Giants game, there exist a series of converted lofts that may go unnoticed while under the duress of Giants fever. Which is too bad since they’re too nice to pass up.

The Oriental Warehouse is why we love lofts

Too many old industrial warehouses in neighborhoods like Mission Bay or the Mission District have been turned into staid, antiseptic living spaces. But the Oriental Warehouse in South Beach proves a beautiful, important exception.

Dramatic Loft Features (Movable?) Metal Art/Workspace

Dramatic Loft Features (Movable?) Metal Art/Workspace

The Oriental Warehouse Reminds Us Why We Love Lofts

Huge Unit at The Mission's Allied Box Company Asks Lofty $5.5M

SoMa Loft Masquerading as Trendy Tech Office Asks $1.275M

Loft in Converted Lower Haight Movie Palace Asks $1.095M

Perfectly Curated Artist's Loft With Bonus Studio Asks $1.5M

Teensy Tiny Mid-Market Loft Gets $95K Over Its Asking Price

Very Tiny (and Sleek) Mid-Market Loft Lists for a Mere $375K