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San Francisco Condos

Tiny Mid-Market loft asks $399K

Welcome to the Under $700K club, wherein we salute those home listings that manage to keep their initial list price well under seven figures, especially in this time of excess.

Tendernob condo in historic Belgravia asks $1.29 million

Rare offering inside Sutter Street gem.

Super sleek Pac Heights condo seeks super steep $4.9 million

Comes with views of Alcatraz and the Bay.

Tony Russian Hill townhome asks $3.95 million

Comes with a walkout garden, private terraces, and elevator accesses to all levels.

Corner unit inside the Harrison asks $1.8 million

Rincon Hill condo comes with walk-out balcony and views of downtown.

Eichler condo in Russian Hill asks $3.3 million

Corner space in one of San Francisco’s most iconic buildings.

Contemporary FiDi condo seeks $3.6 million

The ad for this two-bed, two-bath condo atop 333 Bush refers to the circa 1987 SOM-designed building as a "Manhattan-style tower."

Inside Joe Montana’s “uninhabitable” Millennium Tower condo

Football great listed home to the tune of $4 million after finding out about building’s woes.

Checking in on the Austin, Lower Nob Hill’s newest condo addition

A two-faced building for Pine and Austin nears completion, with 88 new homes at the foot of Nob Hill.

8 most affordable homes in SoMa

Here’s what it takes to break into one San Francisco neighborhood, and here’s what you get when you do the breaking.

Under $700K Club: Shipyard mini-flip asks $575,000

Ship-shape Shipyard home first sold almost exactly a year ago for a tiny bit more than $500K and now returns asking a slightly less tiny bit more than that, making it a rare two-time candidate for the Under $700K Club.

Parisian-style penthouse asks $1.69 million

Nob Hill goes for a continental vibe in one of its old Belle Epoque buildings, but different owners have rather remarkably different ideas about what was quite so belle about that particular epoque, as the penthouse reveals.

Old school Four Seasons condo asks $6.45 million

Normally this kind of place costs you $14,000/night, so in an odd way this qualifies as a bargain. In case you're the sort who counts your pennies when spending six and a half million.

Millennium Tower penthouse asks $8.9 million

One homeowner decides to shoot for the moon, betting that the appeal of one of the high-rises high-rise penthouses will beat out worries about what's going on 58 stories below.

Inside Rowan, the Mission's zig-zagging new addition

It's a big, audacious new building in a highly sensitive place on the cusp of two must-have neighborhoods. Rowan's mission statement, as the architect explains to Curbed SF, was to be noticed.

Edwardian Ashbury Heights condo asks $1.79 million

Our first look inside this 1906 classic since a remodel five years ago. How did it fare? And what will it yield for the price tag on a unit last sold in the midst of the dump of 2009?

Under $700K Club: Mission Vic condo for $650,000

Can you buy a Victorian in the Mission for less than $700,000? Well, no. But you can get a pretty little piece of one.

Pacific building marks first sale: $8.9 million

Ultra high-end building in most posh of all San Francisco neighborhoods attracts the richest of the rich buyers, selling out their first batch of condos and fast tracking plans to list the next set.

Renovated Nob Hill condo in historic building asks $3.98 million

When it last sold in 2015 we were pretty charmed by this unit, but the owner felt its value would be better served by updating its 1920s looks with a decidedly 2016 style remodel.

Report insists 'rosy future' for condo market

Although diminishing demand has been the headline maker all year, Polaris Pacific is pointing its head in to point out that we only have a lot of stock right now relative to previous years of having none at all.

Strange Corona Heights condo begs $1.14 million

Comes with two beds, one bath, portal windows, dinosaurs, and way too much access to your shower.

A peek inside The Pacific, the swank new neighbor in Pac Heights

The Pacific, at 2121 Webster Street, is not like other condo projects in town. Every new building says that, of course. It’s the foundation of marketing. But in this case, you have to give this dizzying new complex its due.

SF has more new condos now than the last four years combined

Remember all that building we've been doing? Well, it's ready for you. And monstrous demand and price spikes from previous years ran into a solid wall during the spring buying season. There are tens of thousands of new condos and apartments underway.

LuXe Pac Heights penthouse returns asking nearly $5.4 million

After less than a year of wear, the topmost mark of the super decadent but surprisingly minimalist Pac Heights building hangs a new "for sale" sign on its door.

Under $700K Club: Three budget-friendly San Francsico homes

The future of Bayview, the centerpiece of Van Ness Avenue, and the soaring ceilings of SOMA join the club.

Alamo Square condo by famed Beaux-Arts architect: $1.6 million

Though the building is over 100 years old, this is the first time the individual unit has been put on the market.

Russian Hill Condo, Designed by Jay Jeffers, Sold for $11M

In collaboration with Sutro Architects and Black Mountain Construction, noted San Francisco designer Jay Jeffers stripped the space to its studs and started fresh by taking down most of the interior walls and opening up the space.

Car-Free, Micro-Unit Building Set to Open on Hayes Valley Freeway Plot

The starting price for the small condos is $500,000.

South Beach Condo Offers Buyers Giants' Season Tickets

Rare Cole Valley Condo Filled With Period Details Asks $1.349M

Is There Really a Pac Heights Two-Bedroom Selling for $599K?

Totally Adorable One-Bed Glen Park Cottage Looks for $479K

Sophisticated Condo on a Quiet Street promises Serenity Now

Very Tiny (and Sleek) Mid-Market Loft Lists for a Mere $375K

Oceanfront Outer Sunset One-Bedroom Asks Just $429K

Self-Consciously Victorian Cole Valley Condo Wants $1.65M

Telegraph Hill Penthouse Flip Adds Roof Deck, $2.075M to Price

Buena Vista Pad Is Packing Period Details, Gunning for $2.75M

Is SF's Most Expensive One-Bedroom Also One of Its Ugliest?