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SF Real Estate Market Reports

Here’s how much it cost to buy a house in the Bay Area (before the outbreak)

A market possibly poised at its peak.

The rules for selling a home during the coronavirus crisis

Home sales are sometimes an "essential business"—but you have to play by the rules.

Most SF millennials still can’t afford to buy a home

Despite region’s wealth, younger homeownership rate is a fraction of what it is elsewhere.

SF housing inventory plunges during coronavirus emergency

Powerhouse market fell off a cliff in November—and still hasn’t landed.

How COVID-19 has affected the Bay Area housing market

With social distancing in effect, SF homes are like sunken treasure—incredibly valuable, but impossible to reach.

Number of SF homes selling under asking price spikes four months in a row

For wintertime sellers, time to make a deal.

Here are the Bay Area cities where people stay the longest

People love to grow old in Daly City and Berkeley.

One of the best cities for millennial homebuyers in the U.S. is Hayward

But the pickings are getting slimmer as years go by.

Tech IPOs didn’t destroy Bay Area housing after all

Come out of the bunkers, it’s safe now.

SF house sales slide, but condo selling surges

Because why should 2019 start making sense now?

Oakland home values surge 261 percent in 20 years

That’s a lot.

SF housing went on a rampage this past decade

Just as in the movies of old, science has created a monster in San Francisco: your mortgage.

Number of homes for sale in Bay Area plummets from 2018

Is this thing on?

Bay Area residents unhappy with region says every poll ever

For years, pollsters have said San Franciscans are spoiling to leave—and it’s all starting to sound the same.

It takes just 19 days on average for a San Francisco home to sell

Start the clock.

SF housing becoming more affordable, say realtors

Are they thinking of the same San Francisco?

List of country’s most expensive ZIP codes reveals an out-of-control housing crisis

California makes up nearly the entire list.

17 percent of SF millennials say they’ll never buy a home

Three guesses why.

Bay Area leads the nation in million-dollar homes

A race not worth winning?

This tiny East Bay town is where home prices are inflating fastest

Bethel Island is one of the most affordable places to find housing in the Bay Area—for now.

Houses in Bayview and the Excelsior now average $1 million

That’s still more than half a million dollars cheaper than the city at large.

SF housing bubble risk down, but still worrisome

"Valuations have fallen sharply," says new report.

Census says: San Francisco getting richer, more expensive by the year

Data for 2018 shows increase in rents, housing prices, home values, and median income.

Bay Area home sales decline 12 months in a row

July’s sale inventory lowest since 2011.

New shock: SF house price declines year over year again

The biggest drop this year.

Housing affordability at “historic low” in Bay Area

If you’re not making $343,000 this year, reconsider buying a home in SF

SF median house price hits $1.7 million

Meanwhile, Vallejo remains the Bay Area’s most affordable region.

SF home prices drop, still unaffordable for all

"It’s possible price points for homes have reached a level that households simply cannot afford."

Buying a home in SF means earning a $200K salary—at least

As well as 40 years of saving for a down payment.

Report: San Francisco is fourth least affordable place to own a home

Is that all?

Shocker: Median price of a San Francisco home finally drops amid IPOs

But barely.

Poll: Bay Area called ”best place on Earth,” but respondents still want to leave

Many people also think Bay Area is "on the wrong track."

SF home sales up ahead of Uber IPO

Ride-hailing company sputters in trading, but may break housing skid.

Bay Area home prices (barely) drop for first time in seven years

"The chickens will be coming home to roost this spring."

SF home sales continue to drop

February figure is lowest since 2008.

How much income does it take to buy a home in SF?

Housing security is a six-figure affair these days.

San Jose, SF among lowest vacancy rates in the U.S., says study

But that still leaves more than 100,000 Bay Area homes empty.

SF homebuyers nearly twice as wealthy as U.S. average

Those few who own in city also double the income of renters, says Zillow.

December home prices drop across SF and East Bay

Asking prices tumble while number of days on the market spikes.