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San Francisco Rent Control

Yes, we’re voting on rent control again this year

Deja vu.

Sale of 2,000 rent-controlled SF homes delayed due to email snafu

Spam filter pushes huge listings back nearly a month

SF’s largest landlord says it’s game to sell rent-controlled apartments to the city

City Hall wants Veritas Investments to put the brakes on sale of 76 old buildings.

Here’s how much more expensive SF rent control became this decade

Apartment price controls shielded most renters from the worst of the boom—if they kept their apartments long-term.

California rent control could go before voters in 2020

Deja vu.

San Jose makes it easier to demolish rent-controlled homes

A tense vote tries to balance developer demands against angry renters.

California governor to sign statewide rent control bill in Oakland

Assemblymember David Chiu’s AB 1482 bill will cap rent hikes starting in 2020.

Facing tenant protest at its headquarters, huge SF landlord waives renter fees

Company will make it easier for renters to avoid improvement fees that tenants call de facto rent hikes.

California Assembly passes statewide rent control bill

David Chiu’s bill will cap rent hikes on most California apartments.

California’s de facto rent control expansion poised to pass

David Chiu has one week to execute key votes for Assembly Bill 1482.

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Renting in San Francisco: What happens when my roommate leaves?

Much of what happens when a roomie plans to leave is the landlord's prerogative.

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SF rent laws your landlord probably doesn't want you to know

From living in an illegal unit to possible reductions in rent, here’s what you should know about renting in the city.

Gov. Gavin Newsom backs SF lawmaker’s rent control bill

"It is long overdue in the state of California."

Unraveling the rent control conspiracy around Aaron Peskin

A blogger accuses SF supervisor of profiting from the demolition of rent-controlled homes—city inspectors say otherwise.

What capping rents would do to Bay Area cities

David Chiu’s anti-rent gouging bill would not affect most landlords, says study.

SF rent registry could cost up to $3.6 million per year

Registries help enforce rent control and other provisions.

New rent control measure set for 2020 California ballot

"Rental affordability act" would allow rent control on some homes built as recently as 2005.

Lawmakers push estate tax, rent control for California

Two bills aim to upend the playing field for landlords and the California’s wealthiest residents.

California voters reject rent-control expansion

Proposition 10 trounced nearly 2-1 at the ballot box.

Californians favor rent control over new construction, says poll

Poll reveals only 13 percent of state residents think California should build more.

Wall Street firm tapping public worker funds for anti-rent control campaign [Updated]

New York-based Blackstone has invested millions in California’s elections—and its homes.

SF considers ban on rent hikes for widows, widowers

But only if Proposition 10 passes.

Rent-control expansion trailing at the polls

Proposition 10 behind by double digits with only a few weeks until Election Day.

SF supervisors finally endorse rent control boost

Fight over whether to exempt houses lingers.

San Francisco landlord’s property to be auctioned

Six-unit Castro building part of landlord’s multimillion dollar portfolio.

UC Berkeley researchers boost rent control

Haas Institute paper not directly tied to election but throws weight behind Proposition 10 arguments.

SF City Hall committee endorses California rent control expansion

But anxiety about the fate of single-family homeowners lingers.

Rent control arguments pile up across California

Costa-Hawkins repeal vote looms.

UC Berkeley professor blames rent control for California’s housing shortage

Kenneth Rosen hopes to sway voters against Proposition 10.

Businesses and veterans campaign against rent control

The law limits rent control in cities like San Francisco.

Rent control campaign increases funds sixfold in one day [Update]

Property companies pour millions into beating Proposition 10.

SF supervisors stump for rent control, Proposition 10

Lawmakers introduce vote to support rent-control expansion.

Does California need rent control?

Debating the pros and cons of rent control at the Urban Land Institute.

California Democrats endorse rent control expansion

90-10 vote for Proposition 10 comes as little surprise.

More than 60 percent of SF renters have rent control, says city

"The city has struggled to substantially improve housing affordability for low- and moderate‐income households."

Rent control, affordable housing, Daylight Saving Time set for November ballot

California’s dozen voter measures slant toward housing.

Chinatown tenants sue landlord for alleged harassment

According to allegations, SF-based property company Valstock Management tried to force out low-income and immigrant families by way of intimidation and harassment.

California rent-control limits repeal set for November election

Supporters of squashing Costa-Hawkins Act say they have enough signatures to make the vote.

Delinquent landlord pays city nearly $125K

Anne Kihagi avoided jail time by turning rents from her San Francisco properties over to City Hall.