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Pokemon Go

Curbed SF’s most popular stories of 2016

What did Curbed SF readers love in 2016? If the biggest stories of the year are anything to go by, then castles in the Easy Bay, small towns, tilting skyscrapers, and hunting for the elusive Pikachu. Here now are the 10 most read stories of 2016.

Pokémon and pizza party tonight at Mozilla office

For Pokémon Go players seeking something a touch quieter and tad more casual, head over to Mozilla’s headquarters tonight along the Embarcadero for a Pokémon and Pizza fete.

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Pokémon Go: Where to catch Pokémon in SoMa

Check this map of 19 sightings in SoMa for where to make a quick catch on your lunch break or post-work commute.

One percent of SF's population set for Poké Crawl

If you're a person in the vicinity of the Mission, Mid Market, or Ferry Building, be warned. If you're a Charmander or Zubat, be afraid.

Betaband embraces Pokémon Go phenomenon with discount deal

While some retailers have eschewed players, San Francisco clothing company Betabrand, best known for their cordarounds pant, has embraced the Pokémon Go phenomenon. Last week, they put up new Pokemon signage outside their Valencia Street location.

Pokémon Go hack: Ride the bus

While Pokémon Go has helped people get up, get out, and get a better sense of the city in which they live, a few people have noticed that one great way to hit architectural spots and catch more Pokémon is by jumping on public transit.

Pokémon Go street etiquette: dos and don'ts

Let’s face it: Pokémon Go is addicting, and people are abandoning their good manners and general smartness in order to catch a rare Pokémon. Let’s change that stinkin’ thinkin’ and get your good manners back.

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Map: Find San Francisco's Pokémon Gyms

What with Pokémon proving so popular, let's take a look at a phenomena of concern even to non-players: The proliferation of San Francisco Pokémon Gyms. These are the SF hotspots where players do battle.

Pokémon Go spotted around San Francisco

From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Giants Dugout souvenir store, folks playing Pokémon Go, the new augmented reality game that’s taken over many a water cooler conversation, are posting their finds from all over the city.

4,500 people plan on hunting Pokémon together in SF on Wednesday

This Wednesday, an estimated 4,500 people RSVP’d to take part in a massive Pokémon hunt in San Francisco. Are you game?

SFPD urge Pokémon Go safety precautions

In what is either a career high or all-time low point for the captain of Bayview Station (could go either way), the department issued safety guidelines for Pokemon GO players apt to stumble into real danger while hunting virtual varmints.