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Planning Commission

SF could ban (almost) all new office development in the Mission

Expansion of former Lyft building was the final straw

SF Planning Commissioner embroiled in weird lawsuit resigns

Here’s why you should care.

SF’s new fourth-tallest building tantalizingly closer to reality

Chinatown opposition to Howard Street high-rise evaporates.

Planning commissioner in weird building feud goes MIA

Dennis Richards is absent from the Planning Commission after his vendetta against the Department of Building Inspection boiled over.

Planning Commissioner accuses inspectors of conspiracy in bizarre renovation feud

Dennis Richards unleashed his anger at a surreal Board of Appeals hearing.

SF Planning Commission nixes appeal of huge Excelsior housing development

Neighbors anxious about gentrification demanded more scrutiny.

San Francisco’s big plan to fix troubled Civic Center

Proposed redesign includes permanent street closure, dog park, pavilion, and UN Plaza fountain makeover.

Neutra homeowner appeals sentence ordering he rebuild exact replica

"The Planning Commission decision is invalid, bizarre, and illegal"

San Francisco wants to ban brewpubs in the Mission

Hillary Ronen wants to cap restaurants and bars at 167 in the neighborhood.

Almost all of Lafayette’s Planning Commission just resigned

New conflict-of-interest law prompts five of the city’s seven commissioners to walk off the job.

SF Planning Commission cringes at Wiener’s transit-housing bill

"A recipe for Beverly Hills in the Sunset."

City rejects condo plans where 100-year-old woman evicted

"I think this is where we have to draw the line."

24 new design guidelines hope to establish future look of San Francisco

"The primary goal here is to improve the predictability and consistency in the review of design qualities of the projects."

Glen Park neighbors told to compromise on PayPal mogul’s expansion

Neighborhood feud laced with anxiety about tech money and a "Zuckerberg-style takeover" in a flap about one wealthy resident’s plan for a three story addition with a basketball court inside the remodeled 1965 home.

Interview: SF planning director defends city as more architects allege obstruction

Eight-year City Hall vet John Rahaim admits planning rules can be a pain but says we’d be sorry if they weren’t in place.

Planning Commission endorses plan for 2,400 affordable homes in the Mission

MAP 2020 is city bid to keep Mission residents in homes and accelerate affordable housing. Planning commissioners passed it unanimously.

City shaves five feet off top of condos to accommodate popular Mission bar

New building will still offer the same number of units, but the retail space on the bottom might start to feel a little hunched as the city knocks (some of) its block off to keep it from casting too much shade on nearby Zeitgeist’s outdoor area.

City backs former Tenderloin nuns for Mission soup kitchen

Yearlong trial after TL eviction finally done, as City Hall approves a new home for the hardworking nuns and their charity kitchen, despite the objections of some of their new upstairs neighbors on Mission Street.

City hopes SoMa development will pump millions into land values

Accounting calls for 40,000 jobs and 7,500 homes, pouring tens of millions of dollars of value into some buildings—the vast majority of it spent on things like affordable housing.

Here's how the city wants to transform SoMa

San Francisco sees the blocks between Second and Sixth Street as the next big frontier in development. But how to build up and build in without spoiling its old school character and working class infrastructure?

Planning Commissioner Explodes on Twitter

For two hours, Planning Commission Vice President Dennis Richards raged in an expletive-laden tirade against Gawker, critics, and even Donald Trump. You've never seen urbanism discussed this way.

Get Ready For Future Sea Level Rise, Epic Storms, and Constant Flooding

San Francisco city officials are preparing for the worst case scenarios — the good news (?) is that they are so far off you are unlikely to be alive to see them.

Affordable Housing Program to Go Before Planning Commission For Third Time

In the last round, concerns and questions made for a nine-hour meeting

Development Waiting to Happen Drops Price to $15M

Warriors Win Again: SF Planning Commission Approves Arena

Local Residents Will Now Be Favored in BMR Housing Lotteries