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Oakland affordable housing

The house on Magnolia Street

Even before Moms 4 Housing was evicted from 2928 Magnolia, racism and capitalism shaped the home’s history.

Oakland approves ban on tenant criminal background checks

New law, the most aggressive in California, will help formerly incarcerated people have a fair chance to housing.

Oakland moms get to buy house they occupied

Despite an armed eviction, Moms 4 Housing may get a long-term watershed on contentious West Oakland property.

It’s now illegal in California for landlords to turn down housing vouchers

But hundreds of Bay Area property owners are flouting the new law.

Young and black communities can’t afford homes because cities won’t build enough

New research ties social opportunity straight to housing production.

Homeless moms take over vacant West Oakland home

"This home was stolen from the black community in the subprime mortgage crisis, and it’s been sitting vacant for nearly two years."

Facebook pledges $1 billion to fight California affordable housing crisis

Thumbs up?

California’s de facto rent control bill passes Assembly

"We have millions of Californians that are one rent increase away from being forced out of their homes," said David Chiu.

4,000 people applied for 28 affordable homes in Oakland

"A drop in the bucket," laments Mayor Schaaf

California’s transit-housing bill SB 50 stuck in Limbo until 2020

"We’re either serious about solving this crisis, or we aren’t," says Sen. Scott Wiener.

New SB 50 chart will help you make sense of California’s transit-housing bill

"It will upzone all counties, large and small."

Bay Area favors sales tax for affordable housing, says poll

Survey puts tax hike over needed two-thirds margin.

Housing shortages and NIMBYism driving homeless crisis, says new report

"While voters are frustrated by the lack of places for the homeless to go, many vocally oppose locating homeless shelters in their own neighborhoods."

Healthcare giant Kaiser buys Oakland building for affordable housing

Company promises nine-figure housing investment in hometown.