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Curbed SF Is Closing

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S.F. Skateboarders Bomb One of the City’s Biggest Hills for Black Lives

High atop the second highest hill in the city, with a curvy street perfect for skating, skaters took to the streets to protest racism.

Once a Sign of Blight, Boarded-Up Windows Provide Canvases for Artistic and Political Expression

Plywood lining U.S. city streets is the backdrop for an urgent era of civic art.

Here’s Why the Golden Gate Bridge Was Singing

On Friday, the Golden Gate Bridge doubled as a musical instrument as wind passed through its hallowed arches, resulting in a creepy and ghostly tune heard for miles.

S.F. Mayor to Redirect Police Funds to Black Community

"This is a concrete, bold, and immediate step towards true reparations for black people," says Supervisor Shamann Walton.

City’s curfew ends

"I hope to see that in the coming weeks, months, and years, that the people of San Francisco continue to advocate for real change across our country," says Mayor London Breed.

Everything you need to know about SF’s response to the coronavirus outbreak

What to know during the COVID-19 outbreak in the city, from mass transit provisions to major closures.

San Francisco to close more streets to promote safe walking

Part of the "slow streets" program, these closures will add even more safe spaces for essential trips.

SF’s first sanctioned tent city provides safe—albeit temporary—shelter during pandemic

With more to come.

New shelter-in-place orders ease restrictions on construction, real estate

But restrictions on open houses and limitations on in-person viewings remain.

It’s not over: Bay Area coronavirus shelter orders extended again

"The curve is flat," but so are the odds of a speedy reopening.

Golden Gate Park’s JFK Drive to go car-free promote social distancing

The city will also close McLaren Park’s Shelley Drive.

This stream has:

Coronavirus and San Francisco: News and updates

How the novel coronavirus is affecting San Francisco housing, transit, and more.

Federal bailout saves Bay Area public transit

The light at the end of the tunnel is a train—gratefully.

Muni accused of price gouging over fares

Supervisor says he’s willing to prosecute the city’s transit network.

SF announces street closures to promote social distancing

Through vehicular traffic will be banned but local access permitted.

Map: Where SF’s COVID-19 cases are happening

An outbreak doesn’t respect class or geographic boundaries, but it’s affected by them nonetheless.

Bay Area residents must now wear masks in public

Enforcement will go into effect Wednesday.

Students face housing insecurity after coronavirus-related school closures

Lack of university support and legal protections leave students high and dry.

When is San Francisco’s real birthday?

Not everyone honors 415 Day.

SF may seize private buildings for coronavirus relief

City Attorney Dennis Herrera says there’s broad power to commandeer buildings and land during an emergency.

When will it be over?

It’s not up to the mayor, the governor, or even the president of the United States to decide when Bay Area living will return.

San Francisco to get at least 8,000 hotel rooms for homeless during COVID-19 pandemic

"This legislation will save lives," says Supervisor Hillary Ronen

Supervisor Preston wants indefinite eviction ban over COVID-19

The SF lawmaker takes a page from Oakland with permanent—but limited—renter shield.

Oakland to restrict—but not entirely ban—cars on 74 miles of streets for cyclists and pedestrians

It’s all part of making social distancing easier for everyone

Delayed again: BART to San Jose, Milpitas sets June opening target

At least one thing hasn’t changed

BART service dwindles during Bay Area shutdown

Plummeting ridership forces transit agency to slash service.

SF reverses course on Palace of Fine Arts and Moscone Center homeless shelter plans

Shelterless people will instead be placed in hotels.

Muni eliminates nearly every route in SF

"Please do not ride Muni if you are feeling ill, except as necessary to seek medical care after consulting with your medical provider," says transit agency.

What to do if you can’t pay this month’s rent

Everything you need to know about eviction protections in the Bay Area during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Collapse of transit shows shelter-in-place order working

Transit metrics dropped last month, as people listened to public health warnings and stayed home.

Bay Area shelter-in-place order extended until May 3

Directive expected to go past original April 7 end date.

‘We need to stop the next Great Depression’

Inside the push for rent cancellation and mortgage moratorium.

Bay Area shelter-in-place order extended to May 3, with new rules

No playgrounds, picnics, rock walls, or dog parks.

SF orders construction sites to shut down

Affordable housing and essential infrastructure will continue, but other developments are stuck spinning their wheels

SF halts homeless shelter admissions over COVID-19

Health crisis "compounding scarcity" as city struggles to find places to put everybody.

Oakland caps rent hikes during COVID-19 outbreak

Making sure tenants stay in their homes is "the most important thing we can do as a city."

Shelter in place: What life is like in the Bay Area right now

Residents discuss how life is changing under the new shelter-in-place restrictions.

Bay Area air quality sees dramatic improvement in only 24 hours

Shelter-in-place orders and windy weather make Air Quality Index scores plunge.