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Millennium Tower

Sound art installation simulates sinking of Millennium Tower

Ambitious new piece will sound off every day "until the building falls or the building is fixed."

Millennium Tower settles hundreds of lawsuits

Long-awaited fix for faulty luxury building still being awaited.

Transbay Powers must pay Millennium Partners’ legal bills [Updated]

Fortunes sinking in tower suits.

City threatens to yellow tag Millennium Tower

Homeowners must fix problems related to cracked window ASAP.

Millennium Tower adds cracked window to its resume

"When you have a window at the 36th floor that cracks in the middle of the night that is a big wake up call," says city supervisor.

This stream has:

Millennium Tower sinking: Everything you need to know

News has broke that one of the country's most luxe residential towers is sinking and tilting. The story is ongoing, so here's where you can find the most recent updates about one of the biggest stories in San Francisco real estate history.

The $500 million plan to fix Millennium Tower

Engineers would bolt half of troubled building to bedrock.

‘60 Minutes’ report shows series of cracks in Millennium Tower

Troubled high-rise resident gadflies speak about building woes. seismic and otherwise.

Millennium Tower: Lawyers claim skyscraper will tilt 10 inches in two years

Condo owners insist that a judge fast track their case before it’s too late, but the building developer cites recent seismic safety reports to counter that the situation is not as dire as the plaintiffs insist.

Millennium Tower now leaning even more

A $150 million fix may be in the works, and not a moment too soon as new engineer reports reveal that the sinking spire disappearing into the earth faster than ever.

Inside Joe Montana’s “uninhabitable” Millennium Tower condo

Football great listed home to the tune of $4 million after finding out about building’s woes.

Joe Montana sues Millennium Tower developer

Hall of Famer calls foul over building’s fall into the pocket after previously teaming with the developer to promote the high-rise condos using Montana’s name.

Millennium Tower homeowners association sues for $200 million

“Our goal is to recover all the funds that are necessary to fix this building and fix it once and for all and we’re not interested in a temporary fix.”

Millennium Tower reviewed building design, but not the ground

UC Berkeley engineer who reviewed tower says "My interests went as far as the concrete." Below that, an additional outside expert was needed, but few buildings opt for soil analysis, even though it’s crucial to the foundation design.

More Millennium Tower residents sue developer, city

This one building threatens to keep San Francisco attorneys employed through next Millennium, as even more litigation joins the pile-up.

Curbed SF’s most popular stories of 2016

What did Curbed SF readers love in 2016? If the biggest stories of the year are anything to go by, then castles in the Easy Bay, small towns, tilting skyscrapers, and hunting for the elusive Pikachu. Here now are the 10 most read stories of 2016.

Satellites detect Millennium Tower sinkage

San Francisco’s Millennium Tower has tilted so much that the European Space Agency’s observational satellites can detect it from orbit. In truth, that’s more a testament to the sensitivity of the orbital technology than to the state of the building.

Millennium Tower residents file suit against city, claim conspiracy

Latest lawsuit not the first, definitely not the last, but probably the most comprehensive.

SF sues Millennium Tower developer, says tilting and sinking were known since 2009

Before they had sold a single condo, Mission Street Development LLC knew their building had sunk more than it was supposed to in its lifetime,” says Dennis Herrera

Millennium Tower resident’s video of rolling marble claims to show building’s tilt

In light of news that the Millennium Tower is both sinking and tilting, we haven’t seen much visible proof of the latter, at least to the naked eye. Until now. Or so claims one tenant.

City cites Millennium Tower for repair violations

San Francisco sets your expectations askew once again, as the first official chastisement for sinking building is directed at repairs.

Millennium promises new building goes to bedrock

Previously recalcitrant for fear that changing their favored foundation design would be seen as an admission of error, the developer finally gave in to community pressure and promised that the 40-plus story building on Mission will hit rock bottom.

Millennium Tower penthouse asks $8.9 million

One homeowner decides to shoot for the moon, betting that the appeal of one of the high-rises high-rise penthouses will beat out worries about what's going on 58 stories below.

First post-sinkage Millennium Tower condo sells

Even with the building's foundation woes in mind, one buyer felt that a home inside was worth $2.3 million—a half a million dollars more than the last time the same place sold in 2012.

Homeowners claim their Millennium Tower units are now worthless

Condo owners holding the bag on the leaning building have appealed to the city to ease off or even eliminate their tax burden. The 163 units were once valued at an average of $2.3 million, but now residents estimate they're worth as little as zero.

Inspectors claim they "don't remember" hearing about sinking Millennium in 2009

Called to the carpet in front of city lawmakers, a parade of Department of Building Inspection officials say they "don't remember" sending warning to developers about Millennium Tower's troubles in 2009, even with the email in front of them.

Millennium says sinking water table to blame

Why is Millennium Tower sinking? Not because of the building's foundations, claim developers Millennium Partners, but because the water table is vanishing underneath it as the nearby Transbay Center drinks their milkshake.

Engineer’s simple explanation of Millennium Tower

A five-minute diagram of the problem that anyone can understand, all made clear via the profound explanation of a broomstick on the beach.

Millennium says "dozens" of other SF high-rises also built into sand

On guard against constant criticism, company behind tilting tower says there's scores of high-profile buildings around the city have foundations just like theirs. The culprit is Transbay construction, Millennium Partners insists, not the tower.

Transbay Authority says: Don't blame us for sinking Millennium Tower

Transbay development insists that it knew about Millennium Tower's sinking foundations before they even broke ground, and then warned Millennium Partners about what was happening. Building management remains unimpressed.

Millennium Tower investigation begins

Supervisor says there "may have been" interference in the oversight of the Millennium Tower, now slowly sinking into the landfill on which its built. Subpoenas are underway for a hearing/grilling next week.

Millennium Tower sellers cut prices, or vanish entirely

Those with the rotten luck to be selling condos (which are unlikely to be directly affected by the tower's decline) in the building face a tough choice: Cut the price, throw in the towel, or ignore the problems and say full speed ahead.

Pricey Millennium Tower condo sinks price

Noted as San Francisco’s most expensive one-bedroom on the market, this ostentatious gem in the troubled Millennium Tower reduced its price this week, pruning $200,000 off asking.

Class action lawsuit filed against Millennium Tower and Transbay

On behalf of all of the homeowners at the Millennium Tower, San Francisco’s luxury tower in peril, a class action lawsuit was filed today.

Millennium Tower is tilting, sinking more than expected

A week ago, the Chronicle’s Matier and Ross broke news that the sleek structure was sinking upward of 16 inches and tilting every-so-slightly northeast of the in-progress Salesforce Tower. Now the two are back to tell us that things are getting worse.

What's for sale in the (sinking) Millennium Tower

The ultimate challenge for San Francisco's luxury condo market: How do you sell seven-figure units in a building that's dipping into the earth? The Millennium Tower is not literally falling down, but sellers are presumably more motivated this week.

Millennium Tower built on land prone to liquefying

In fact, that's why it's sinking. Planting a few hundred thousand tons of unmoored concrete onto loose landfill is probably only going to have one outcome.

Sinking Millennium Tower: 10 most important things you should know

After Monday’s news story broke, "What’s the Millennium Tower? And why should I care?" Here are ten helpful tidbits you should know about Yerba Buena’s most prestigious high-rise in peril.

Millennium: We were never ‘expected, advised, or required’ to drill into bedrock

When news broke about Millennium Tower’s unprecedented sinking and tilting, due in part to the fact that the megastructure is not secured into bedrock, many people wondered: Who on earth doesn’t build into bedrock, especially in San Francisco?