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San Francisco Micro Apartments

Maybe underground ‘sleeping pods’ in the Mission aren’t a bad idea after all?

Don’t pooh-pooh the pupae-living spaces just yet.

San Francisco apartments are shrinking in size

But the city’s diminishing apartment size isn’t the smallest in the nation.

Remembering earthquake shacks, San Francisco's original tiny homes

The 1906 magnitude-7.8 quake resulted in an immediate need for housing.

‘Tiny homes’ make up less than two percent of SF sales

But nearly a quarter of rentals are less than 500 square feet.

Four-story Berkeley building built in four days

SF developer Patrick Kennedy’s modular housing delivers.

Inside the modular home inspired by dumpster living

"What we have here is a solution," says founder.

240-square-foot Russian Hill studio asks $379K

Today we have a Russian Hill abode that doesn’t ask for much. That’s because it doesn’t offer much. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in affordability.

Berkeley approves plan for fast-tracked 100 units for the homeless

Newly seated councilmember admits that he had San Francisco developer’s experimental modular homes in mind when he put the legislation together, and the city is now soliciting bids and scouting locations.

Inside a tiny prefab home for the homeless

No crowding, please, as we finally get a look at a local micro-developer’s minuscule modules.

Spend your entire paycheck on this 240-foot apartment

The current tiny home trend shows no signs of shrinking. For a hefty sum, you can score one of the smallest micro apartments in the city, smack in the heart of SoMa, located next to some of the coolest restaurants and AT&T Park. But is it worth it?

The 10 smallest homes for sale in San Francisco

For some, a tiny home is a conscious design decision. For others, it’s a practical necessity to make ends meet in our ever-more expensive urban landscape. Here are the most compact space in the city now on the market.

One third of SF renters don't have enough space

We're living pretty small in the city these days. While the majority of San Francisco households have enough bedrooms to accommodate household size, a third of renters are making do with less space, and the stat jumps to more than half for parents.

San Francisco Says No To Sleeping Pods, Says They're Fire Hazards

A Sunset artist calls his custom-made sleeping "pod" an innovative way to cut down on housing costs. Building inspectors, on the other hand, call it a fire hazard, squashing his speculations about ways to monetize the design.

Artist Designs Sleeping "Pod" to Afford Renting in San Francisco

"The pod," as he calls it, is only 8 feet by 5 feet, but Peter Berkowitz says it's the coziest bedroom he's ever had, and that it's no more ridiculous than the rental market these days. People are already asking how to make their own.

A Civic Center Condo that's Dedicated to Music

Paul Hogarth throws epic sing-a-longs in a small space

Car-Free, Micro-Unit Building Set to Open on Hayes Valley Freeway Plot

The starting price for the small condos is $500,000.

Car-Free, Micro-Unit-Heavy Building Set to Open in Hayes Valley

It's located on the former site of Highway 101.

12 Outstanding Tiny Homes From 2015

The Micro Housing Development Boom Across the U.S., Mapped

A 264-Square-Foot Micro Unit Hits the Market, Asks $425K

5 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in Your Tiny Apartment

Sonoma County Considers Building Tiny Homes for Homeless

Teensy Tiny Mid-Market Loft Gets $95K Over Its Asking Price

Tiny Downtown Unit With a Seriously Mini Kitchen Asks $395K

Micro Maven Patrick Kennedy Plans 395-Square-Foot Affordable Rentals for SoMa

Inside the Partially Finished Micro-Units at SoMa's Panoramic