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San Francisco Historic Preservation

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How Postwar Icon Joseph Eichler Built a Suburb in the Middle of S.F.

The famed developer created affordable midcentury-modern designs smack dab in the heart of the city.

A brief history of the Beaux Arts courthouse in SoMa

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals building reads like a love letter to granite and marble.

‘I’m hoping to make it pink once again’

Buyer of famed Alamo Square Painted Lady promises you can keep tabs on renovation via social media.

How Bay Area cities got their names

What’s in a name? Plenty.

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San Francisco landmarks you’ve never heard of before

In this town, even comic strip characters are invested in preserving our historic assets.

The most famous sign in the Tenderloin is going away

It’s not a sign of the times—not anymore, at least.

Despite NIMBY ire, Telegraph Hill’s Julius Castle will reopen—eventually

Once more unto the breach.

Condo plans for Lucky 13 site nearly triple in volume

New developer proposes 90 homes at location of seemingly immortal Market Street bar.

San Francisco to create American Indian Cultural District

"There are few communities in the country that have experienced displacement as violently and as profoundly as American Indian people."

Mare Island bought by new developer

New headwind behind Vallejo shipyard redevelopment after sale.

Berkeley school may become 50,000-square-foot home for tech mogul

Founder of Finnish shopping site hopes to convert historic property into a giant house with private art studios.

The ghosts of Pacific Heights

San Francisco’s most exclusive neighborhood is also one of its most haunted.

SF voters may decide outcome of high school mural outrage

Plan to cover up Russian artist Victor Arnautoff’s contentious painting on hold for now.

Planning Commission approves new home on ruins of Largent House

Many remain angry about home’s demolition.

Owner of illegally destroyed Neutra house wants to build new home on site

The Planning Commission previously ordered an exact replica be created.

The Cliff House needs new tenants

Historic (if sometimes ill-omened) Ocean Beach property’s longtime leaseholders are almost done

SF school board votes to save Depression-era murals

Reversal would cover up WPA works at George Washington High, but not destroy them

SF cuts down landmark bid for old greenhouses, favors housing

"Landmarking hijacks the process."

Over 500 artists and academics protest SF mural destruction

School district’s vote called "wrong-headed approach to art and to history."

SF school board votes to destroy circa 1936 mural

"No one has the right to tell us as native people—or our young people who walk those halls everyday—how they feel."

Corner of Haight and Ashbury declared ‘national treasure’

Circa-1910 Doolan-Larson building singled out for preservation.

Planning Commission approves remodel of Hearst Building with Julia Morgan additions

Developer promises Morgan lobby will remain intact during hotel conversion.

Group wants to turn Alcatraz into ‘peace center’

Redux of 2008 voter flop makes November ballot.

Julius Castle lawsuit thrown out

Owner hopes to reopen Telegraph Hill landmark hilltop eatery by end of year.

Historic Spanish Colonial Oakland church becomes new apartments

After three years, Rose on Bond blooms.

Civil War-era fortifications discovered under Alcatraz

Ground-penetrating radar uncovers remains of 19th-century fort beneath prison yard.

Owner of demolished Neutra house sues city

Twin Peaks homeowner alleges violation of constitutional rights in city’s rebuild order.

Neutra homeowner appeals sentence ordering he rebuild exact replica

"The Planning Commission decision is invalid, bizarre, and illegal"

SF Gay Men’s Chorus buys Valencia Street’s Baha’i Center

Crooners plan to convert Art Deco masterpiece into a national center for LGBTQ arts.

Owner who demolished famous SF home ordered to build replica

Ruling comes on the heels of the proposed Housing Preservation and Expansion Reform Act.

SF supervisors seek to stop illegal home demolition [Correction]

Lawmakers reveal the Housing Preservation and Expansion Reform Act.

Photographer turns back time with historic SF composite shots

Time waits for no one, but sometimes you can call it back.

SF Mint to become haunted house for Halloween season

Killer clowns, devil nuns, and Peaches Christ conjure minty-fresh hauntings.

85 fascinating facts about Coit Tower for its 85th birthday

Telegraph Hill tower gets extra honorarium for its big day.

Stanford will remove Junipero Serra’s name from most of campus

Serra Street will remain, but everything else must go

San Francisco removes Civic Center statue [Updated]

"When I see this statue, I feel we don’t belong in society."

Golden Gate Theater reveals gorgeous new interiors

Curtain up!

NIMBY lawsuit keeps Telegraph Hill’s Julius’ Castle besieged

"It’s not every day you hear Telegraph Hill talked about in terms usually reserved for small towns in Illinois."

City board votes to keep racist statue after all

"Rehabilitation is what they do in countries where there is genocide."