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High Speed Rail

California High-Speed Rail board votes to bring trains to San Francisco

"Blended route" for the way to San Jose—and beyond.

Trump administration pulls nearly $1 billion in high-speed rail funding

Governor Newsom calls move "political retribution."

Likely cost of high-speed rail rises again

"The initial cost projections and timelines were simply unrealistic," says new report.

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California high-speed rail: Everything you need to know

Tracking a project of this magnitude is, of course, a bit of a challenge, which is why we’ve put together this handy explainer.

Support for California high-speed rail unchanged after 10 years

Despite delays and tens of billions in overruns, poll says exact same percentage of Californians approve of project.

California high-speed rail cost may approach $100 billion

New business plan shows how project was railroaded into higher costs.

How I learned to love the California high speed rail

An economically transformative project that will alter the course of the state’s future for the better.

Map shows high-speed rail’s sluggish progress

High-speed construction is even more elusive than high speed rail itself, as the $64 billion rail line won’t reach San Francisco until 2029 at least.