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Rent’s due: What to do if you get an eviction notice during the coronavirus outbreak

Good news: You won’t be evicted during the present pandemic. Bad news: You still have to pay your rent—and you could be evicted later.

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A guide to below-market-rate housing

What you need to know before entering the BMR lottery.

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I turned my bedroom into a minimalist cocoon—and now I can sleep

Here’s how I did it.

How to ride Muni like a pro

Where to sit and stand, how to load your Clipper Card, and the best apps.

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Small ways to make SF a better place

Here’s how you can make a difference in your neighborhood, your community, and the greater city.

Brian Boitano’s guide to San Francisco’s Russian Hill

Iconic Olympic champion and American hero gives us his take on his SF neighborhood.

A guide to San Francisco’s Westwood Park

The micro-neighborhood tucked between Sunnyside, Monterey Heights, and Mt. Davidson Manor

The ultimate guide to renting in SF

Everything you need to know before signing the lease.

Can San Francisco be fixed?

Local journalists, policy influencers and activists, and a tech CEO weigh in on whether or not SF could be brought back to the utopian state that probably never existed in the first place.

How not to freeze inside your Victorian apartment

New Year’s resolution: Stay warm.

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Renting in San Francisco: What happens when my roommate leaves?

Much of what happens when a roomie plans to leave is the landlord's prerogative.

2018 trends that will seem the strangest in 20 years

From expensive construction to virtual assistants.

SF neighborhoods we broke up with in 2018


Favorite SF neighborhoods of 2018

From North Beach to the Outer Sunset, industry experts and media notables reveal their favorite stomping grounds.

Things you can do today to prepare for the next Bay Area wildfire

These steps—from adding fire-resistant plants to signing up for evacuation alerts—will help you better plan for the next fire.

Warm weather in the Bay Area: Where to enjoy it for free now that it’s here

How to enjoy the absence of fog and glacial temperatures? Try these ideas. They’re fun. They’re Instagram-worthy. And best of all, they’re free.

Guide to the Inner Richmond, as told by USF student Lauren Conklin

The People's Guide is Curbed SF's tour of neighborhoods, led by our most loyal readers, favorite bloggers, San Francisco celebrities, and other luminaries of our choosing. Today we take a look at the Inner Richmond.

Pokémon Go street etiquette: dos and don'ts

Let’s face it: Pokémon Go is addicting, and people are abandoning their good manners and general smartness in order to catch a rare Pokémon. Let’s change that stinkin’ thinkin’ and get your good manners back.

Which SF Neighborhoods Have the Best and Worst Parking?

After we featured sweet 24th Street luxe homes in Noe Valley, which can't seem to fund a buyer, readers chimed in with their thoughts. You all came to the conclusion that parking, or lack thereof, could be the main issue. So where should we park it?

Juanita More's Neighborhood Guide to the Tendernob

Stunning denizen of the limelight tells us what's up with her neighborhood.

A Forest Hill Extension Home that Knows How to Throw a Party

James Corner's Three Presidio Parklands Schemes: How to Tell Them Apart

How to Get a Reservation at Rich Table

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Here's How to Score a Bay Area Billionaire as a Neighbor

Think You've Found "the One"? Here's How to Solidify the Deal

On the Hunt for Roommates or an Apartment? Check Out These Craigslist Alternatives