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Ellis Act

U.S. government sues to evict Pac Heights couple from former Iranian consulate

The pair had been paying $5,523 per month in rent before getting notice to vacate.

SF couple’s suit over tripled rent could have dire consequences

Sunset couple discovered that their new landlord had more than tripled the rent on their home, from $1,900 to $6,700/month. Ouch.

“Final plea” in 100-year-old woman’s eviction

Temper flare, accusations fly, and angry messages pass back and forth as a 100-year-old woman who has lived on Page Street since World War II may soon face her final days inside a place she's called home for generations.

Classic Mission mural to be painted over

But it's not what you probably think: The anti-gentrification piece is being done in not by gentrification but by dry rot. To make up for it, the same artists will create a new mural on the renovated building later this fall.

Supervisor Jane Kim Proposes Law to Curb Some Evictions

Ellis Axe

Ellis Axe

Renting Laws Your Landlord Probably Doesn't Want You to Know

Ellis Axe

Ellis Axe

Day in Court

Eviction-Themed Condom to Block Unwanted Occupancies