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Joseph Eichler

Dive into these 3 East Bay Eichlers with pools

These Eichlers come with pools and courtyards, giving you the best of the great outdoors without having to leave home.

Oakland double A-frame Eichler asks $1.55M, and I say yes

I like Eichler.

Renovated San Rafael Eichler seeks $1.39 million

It comes with floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights.

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How Postwar Icon Joseph Eichler Built a Suburb in the Middle of S.F.

The famed developer created affordable midcentury-modern designs smack dab in the heart of the city.

Double A-frame Eichler in Concord for under a million


San Rafael Eichler, now sporting a major renovation, seeks $1.29M

This delightful midcentury home now features a modern take on the sparse 1950s style.

Polished Eichler in San Rafael asks $1.25M

Built in 1957, midcentury home comes with a garage turned into a loft.

Extreme Eichler makeover in San Rafael asks $1.8M

Midcentury abode redone from top to bottom.

Walnut Creek ‘super Eichler’ asks $1.6M

Circa-1969 home designed by architect Claude Oakland.

San Rafael Eichler with many original details asks $1.2M

Built in 1958.

Double A-frame Eichler in Castro Valley asks $1.4M

Circa-1963 midcentury designed by A. Quincy Jones.

Castro Valley Eichler asks $1.2M

First time on the market in over 30 years.

Extreme Eichler makeover in San Rafael asks $1.5M

1957 midcentury receives a 2018 look.

Double-A frame Eichler in Concord seeks $925K

East Bay abode wows.

Teal-rific Eichler, a rare treat for midcentury fans, asks $1.1 million

Circa-1965 home has barely been touched over the years.

Concord Eichler gives off Palm Springs vibes

Asking for East Bay midcentury is—gasp—under $1 million.

San Rafael Eichler with atrium asks $1.29 million

Circa-1966 midcentury comes with a garage converted into a guest suite.

Walnut Creek ‘super Eichler’ asks $1.4 million

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s pretty rad.

Eichler and the technicolor dream home asks $1.47 million

While, indeed, this circa-1965 Eichler in San Rafael took a ride on the renovation rollercoaster, the results are anything but antiseptic or boring.

Eichler home tours coming to Marin

If you’ve always wanted to peek inside an Eichler IRL, your wait is over. On Saturday, May 19, Eichler Home Tours sets its sights on Marin for their annual midcentury-modern showcase.

Rare two-story Eichler in San Rafael asks $1.35 million

Comes with floating staircase and indoor terrarium.

Barely touched San Rafael Eichler seeks $1.1 million

1959 midcentury-modern gem comes with atrium.

Palo Alto housing guidelines aim to preserve Eichler design, not Eichler philosophy

New Spanish-style homes in Eichler neighborhoods have "sparked outrage."

Palo Alto Eichler asks $1.35 million

Midcentury-modern specimen comes with recent renovations.

Sunnyvale Eichler asks $1.8 million

In a town starving for new housing, this Eichler specimen, built in 1968, is sure to get snapped up in no time.

Diamond Heights Eichler angles for $1.69 million

’Tis a red-letter day in San Francisco when a rare midcentury home lands on the market.

Eichler home in San Rafael with pool asks $1.2 million

Unlike Palo Alto specimens, the Eichler models in San Rafael are, for many, the preferable midcentury model care of the noted developer.

Renovated Palo Alto Eichler asks $2.3 million

Although 612 Maybell sprouted up in 1952, this Palo Alto Eichler has strayed a long way from its roots.

Palo Alto Eichler with pool asks $2.4 million

Silicon Valley midcentury-modern will keep you cool during any heatwave.

Barely touched Concord Eichler asks $775K

Are all Eichlers created equal? This may turn out to be a trick question, because when push comes to shove we rarely get the opportunity to judge them on their own merits.

Rare double-A frame Oakland Eichler asks $1.05 million

Sequoyah Hills home dives deep into its midcentury roots.

Eichler condo in Russian Hill asks $3.3 million

Corner space in one of San Francisco’s most iconic buildings.

San Mateo Eichler in need of TLC asks $1.2 million

Vintage home appears rough around the edges, but still premium priced as it preserves some circa 1958 eccentricities.

A tale of two Eichlers: San Rafael home asks $1.4 million, Palo Alto $1.9 million

A homey dilemma: Which of these two Eichlers, separated by only a year and not so many miles, best represents the celebrated developer’s signature?

Blue hued Palo Alto Eichler asks $2.3 million

The ironic twist about Eichlers is that these prized homes were conceived so that middle-income buyers could purchase well-designed homes at a reasonable price. Well, that’s all in the past.

Concord Eichler designed by A. Quincy Jones asks $795K

A home that is both sensible and spectacular: the A. Quincy Jones formula to a T.

East Bay ‘super Eichler’ asks $1.4 million

This ain’t your mama’s midcentury-modern.

Cool blue Eichler with pool asks $1.4 million

Midcentury-modern in San Rafael knows how to beat the heat.

Modern dance meets midcentury-modern homes in Palo Alto

Or, “Eichler, the Musical!”