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SF election results: Rock-solid win for Proposition B earthquake bond

Proposition B crushes it on Super Tuesday

Feds order huge South Bay reservoir drained

Washington DC agency demands Anderson Reservoir dried up for fear of dam failure in a major earthquake that could effectively destroy the South Bay.

Bay Area earthquake guide: Where could the big one hit?

The South Bay rang in the new year with an earthquake, and that will surely not be the last.

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The Bay Area’s biggest earthquakes

The region is always on the move.

How will survivors get around after the next big quake?

Seismic disaster tests San Francisco’s critical but fragile transit networks.

The Loma Prieta earthquake struck 30 years ago, and it looked like this

It brought down a major freeway, part of the Bay Bridge, and numerous structures.

There’s a 72 percent chance of a major Bay Area quake by 2043

Treat every quake as if it’s the big one.

Earthquakes shake up Bay Area before Loma Prieta anniversary

Pleasant Hill still rumbling after 4.5 surprise.

Here’s what you’ll need for an earthquake preparedness kit

Experts recommend people be self-sufficient for at least three days following a major quake.

Earthquake map reveals liquefaction risks in Bay Area neighborhoods

Portions of the Mission, the Castro, and the Haight among areas of high risk during major shaker.