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How Postwar Icon Joseph Eichler Built a Suburb in the Middle of S.F.

The famed developer created affordable midcentury-modern designs smack dab in the heart of the city.

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Renting in San Francisco: What happens when my roommate leaves?

Much of what happens when a roomie plans to leave is the landlord's prerogative.

Inside Lyft's pink, mustachioed headquarters in the Mission

Meet the tech couple who traded their condo for an Airstream

"When you're actually in it, it doesn't feel like you're taking a step down."

Trace SF’s long-defunct train routes in one BART-style map

David Edmondson painstakingly reconstructs the routes of every train in the region using a 1937 edition of the Official Guide to the Railways.

Wouldn’t it be glorious if this fantasy San Francisco BART map were real?

Dare we say it, we’d pay a bit more in rent in exchange for the wholly fictional transit system envisioned by armchair cartographer and self-described density fan Elliott Spelman.

How to squeeze into a micro-size studio? Sleep in the closet

How a crafty vintage curator turned her tiny Hayes Valley apartment into a junior one bedroom.

Susan Sarandon's Ping-Pong Bar Heads to SoMa; Big Lake Berryessa Fire; Hoping for El Niño

Mission Tenants Displaced By Fire Sue Landlord Over Faulty Dryer, Vermin

'Real World' Casting in SF; Richmond Approves Rent Control