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The Curbed SF moving guide

Everything you need to know to make the city your home.

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Broadway, the diverse beating heart of Sacramento

Highway development in Sacramento displaced a historically diverse population decades ago, but instead of disappearing, they are thriving on Broadway, the city’s cross-cultural beating heart.

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Where to watch Bay Area July 4th fireworks

Get ready to celebrate the Declaration of Independence's approval by the Continental Congress, as we do every year, by grilling meats and watching things explode in spectacular fashion. Here are the top spots in SF and the Bay Area to catch it all.

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Piecing Together the Past and Present at Lenox Stained Glass

David Ireland's Mission District Home Opens as a Museum

Massive Landmark Oakland Mansion Up for Sale for $1.8M

Massive Landmark Oakland Mansion Up for Sale for $1.8M

The New Dolores Park Will Be Pristine—But Can It Last?