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Brock Keeling connects people to their city, the good and the bad, by writing and reporting about San Francisco and beyond. As the editor at Curbed SF, he draws attention to architecture, transit policies, civic design, the housing crisis, gentrification, YIMBY-versus-NIMBY battles, and how technology affects our cities.

Before joining Curbed SF, Brock was the culture editor at 7x7 Magazine and the editor at SFist. Brock's work has also been published in San Francisco Magazine. He was named blogger of the year by SF Weekly in 2010.

Brock has lived in San Francisco for 20 years, living in the South of Market neighborhood. He's a self-described and proud "militant pedestrian."

A brief history of South Park, SF’s oldest—and most underrated—public park

It has a rich and thrilling past, which includes the birthplace of Twitter and setting the stage for an Oscar-winning performance.

The 11 most stunning staircases in San Francisco

Step up your game

Three Atypical Homes Beyond the Fringes of the City

These unusual abodes await those ready to ditch their urban maelstrom.

Gently renovated Lower Pac Heights Victorian hits market for $3.99M

The master bedroom’s walk-in closet has its own window.

SF’s first sanctioned tent city provides safe—albeit temporary—shelter during pandemic

With more to come.

Elon Musk puts Hillsborough home on the market for $35 million

Tesla founder has had it with the Golden State.

An abridged history of the Transbay Transit Center over the years

A look back at eight decades of San Francisco’s fantastic—and frustrating—public transit leviathan.

Don’t you dare tear down this Brutalist building, San Jose

These type of buildings are misunderstood by the general public.

Sick of Victorians? Live inside this brick and timber loft asking $1.3M

The loft’s exposed timber is a blast of fresh air compared to the antiseptic, cookie-cutter units so common in SF.

Now that Twitter employees can work at home forever, what’s to become of its headquarters?

The tech titan’s move into an Art Deco monolith in Mid-Market was supposed to be a symbol of change.