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Sally Kuchar is a California native who was born and raised in San Francisco.

Bibliophile. Very amateur vexillologist.

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Small ways to make SF a better place

Here’s how you can make a difference in your neighborhood, your community, and the greater city.

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The best privately owned public open spaces in SF

Neither obvious nor clearly marked, POPOS are all over—and everyone is welcome.

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101 things to love about SF

A love letter to the Golden City.

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Cool down at one of these pools or swimming spots in the Bay Area

From rope swinging into Bass Lake to taking a dip in the Contra Loma swim lagoon, these are the best—and cheapest—places to swim in the Bay Area.

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The best secret gardens and green spaces hidden around SF

Discover some of the city’s most lush and tranquil spots.

Every SF Pride theme since the first-ever Gay Freedom Day in 1970

In honor of this month's festivities, here are the themes of every San Francisco Pride parade from 1970 to 2019.

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Hunters Point Shipyard fraud scandal: Everything you need to know

Keeping up with the past, present, and future of the onetime Navy base rocked by toxic cleanup fraud allegations.

San Francisco’s 10 most popular Instagram spots in 2017

Top locations include AT&T Park, PIER 39, Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge, and SFO

Gifting Local: 12 California artisans you should support

From contemporary vases and animalic prints to cork maps and record dividers, we’ve got you covered.

Inside San Francisco's most expensive hotel suite

Take a peek at the Fairmont Hotel’s $18,000-a-night suite.