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SF Affordable Housing

New SB 50 chart will help you make sense of California’s transit-housing bill

"It will upzone all counties, large and small."

SB 50 flowchart will help you make sense of California’s transit-housing bill

Confused by the ambitious proposal to increase housing along some California transit hubs? You’re not alone.

Bay Area ‘homesharing’ startup abruptly shuts down

HomeShare shutters weeks after laying off staff.

The Mission’s ‘historic laundromat’ sold

Though the owner previously demanded $18 million for the site near 24th Street BART, the final payday was less

Key California transit-housing bill goes easy on North Bay

New amendments to SB 50 would exempt smaller counties from most of its teeth

Bay Area favors sales tax for affordable housing, says poll

Survey puts tax hike over needed two-thirds margin.

More than 60 percent of Californians back transit-housing bill, according to poll

But only 22 percent say that they "strongly back" State Sen. Scott Wiener’s SB 50 plan.

Housing shortages and NIMBYism driving homeless crisis, says new report

"While voters are frustrated by the lack of places for the homeless to go, many vocally oppose locating homeless shelters in their own neighborhoods."

SF supervisors reject 63-unit SoMa development over shadow concerns

Lawmakers shut down Folsom Street housing project over complaints about welfare of nearby Victoria Manalo Draves Park.

Everything you need to know about California’s other big transit-housing bill

Sonoma County senator’s bill competes with State Sen. Wiener’s housing plan.

SF lawmakers condemn transit-housing bill after emotional argument

"I don’t believe in trickle down economics. We’ve seen what happens when we rely on developers."

California’s transit-housing bill pushing for taller, denser growth clears first hurdle

"When it comes to housing, California’s system of almost pure local control hasn’t worked," says State Sen. Scott Wiener.

SF’s affordable housing bond may grow by $200 million

Mayor and Board of Supervisors president push for bigger bond to go before voters.

San Francisco housing construction down 41 percent in 2018

More than 3,000 authorized new units remain unbuilt amid housing crisis.

Bay Area cities decades—even centuries—behind on affordable housing

Some cities wouldn’t meet current targets before 2525.

Sen. Scott Wiener makes sweeping revisions to transit-housing bill [Correction]

California lawmaker packs "More Homes Act" with affordable-housing language, adds ferry lines to the menu.

San Francisco must take over Housing Authority as feds finally fed up with troubled agency

Rent relief for 14,000 low-income households now in city’s hands.

SF’s unexpected property tax ‘windfall’ goes to housing, homeless programs

Battle over bonus cash ends in boost to mayor’s housing agenda.

‘Tiny homes’ make up less than two percent of SF sales

But nearly a quarter of rentals are less than 500 square feet.

Hunters View housing project reopens [Correction]

Overhaul of 1950s-era public housing began in 2004, promising new homes for existing residents.

San Jose approves co-living ‘dorms’ for downtown area

Bay Area developer plans nearly 800 shared units.

Is an annual salary of $192,000 ‘middle class’ in SF?

It depends on how you count it.

Even AARP endorses Sen. Wiener’s pro-housing bill

"What is the point of aging in place if it means watching everyone you love have to move away?"

Survey says half of Bay Area residents want to leave California

Residents fret about housing, cost of living, and social media.

San Franciscans want city to ‘maximize housing,’ according to new poll

City dwellers favor more density, especially near transit.

Mayor Breed wants to ax fees for affordable housing

In-law units would also receive a discount under mayor’s plan.

Bay Area lawmaker seeks repeal of racist anti-housing law

Article 34 of the California Constitution is a frequent target for repeal efforts.

London Breed’s State of the City address: New affordable and teacher housing

"If affordable housing is proposed within zoning, then build it. Now."

City decides not to double rent on Section 8 households

Federal department wants rent doubled on 182 households, but commission balks.

SoCal city sues state over SF senator’s housing law

Huntington Beach alleges Scott Wiener’s SB 35 housing law is unconstitutional.

Healthcare giant Kaiser buys Oakland building for affordable housing

Company promises nine-figure housing investment in hometown.

Mayor Breed pitches $300 million housing bond

Voters would have to approve measure come 2020.

Would you live inside these fantasy BART apartments?

"An idea to get people thinking about potential uses for the old BART trains—and housing at BART stations."

Gov. Gavin Newsom calls for ‘Marshall plan for affordable housing’

"We have a homeless epidemic that should keep each and every one of us up at night," adds California’s new governor

SF supervisors seek to stop illegal home demolition [Correction]

Lawmakers reveal the Housing Preservation and Expansion Reform Act.

SF sues wealthy investors, alleges affordable-home scam

"The city’s affordable housing program is not an investment scheme to be manipulated by would-be real estate moguls looking to profit off the housing crisis."

The Benioffs pledge to turn defunct SRO into homeless housing [Updated]

"It’s part of our larger vision for San Francisco where every person and family has a home of their own."

San Francisco Housing Authority broke, $30 million in the hole

Federal government and city will team up to bail out program.

Mayor Breed creates new job, department to speed up SF housing

"We are in desperate need of new housing, but our current permitting process is too slow as projects are bounced back and forth."