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SF Affordable Housing

Yes, building more housing will drive down SF home prices—but there’s a catch

"Maybe the reason NIMBY-flavored arguments remain so entrenched in the region is that, in a frustrating twist, sometimes NIMBYs are right."

How to enter SF’s affordable housing lottery without leaving your home

Novel cornavirus hasn’t stopped the city’s affordable housing luck of the draw.

Plan for 1,100 homes at Balboa Reservoir finally moves forward

A small step for a proposal more than three decades in the making.

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A guide to below-market-rate housing

What you need to know before entering the BMR lottery.

SF must build taller and expand into western neighborhoods, says report

There are three ways to hit the city’s housing targets over the next 30 years, but all of them mean challenging the status quo

Apple offers $150 million to affordable housing developers

But in the current housing environment, that figure only builds a few hundred homes.

How many vacant homes does SF really have?

More than you might think, but it’s a tricky question.

SF voters asked to decide whether to speed up housing construction

Mayor’s bid will make development easier, but only if it wins at the ballot box.

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Across SF, 10 decent options for starter homes right now

All of these abodes are under seven figures.

Affordable housing plan on SF ballot will stall affordable housing, says economist

Proposition E gets an E for effort but an F for results in economist’s analysis.

It’s now illegal in California for landlords to turn down housing vouchers

But hundreds of Bay Area property owners are flouting the new law.

Holy smokes, this SoMa studio asks only $399,000

It’s located at Natoma and Sixth.

Maybe underground ‘sleeping pods’ in the Mission aren’t a bad idea after all?

Don’t pooh-pooh the pupae-living spaces just yet.

Young and black communities can’t afford homes because cities won’t build enough

New research ties social opportunity straight to housing production.

Mission District lawmaker wants to make it harder to buy out renters

Supervisor Hillary Ronen alleges that landlords skirt the law by using buyout offers as de facto evictions.

California transit-housing bill trashed in SF ahead of new push

State Sen. Scott Wiener’s SB 50 decried at City Hall for second time this year.

SF housing becoming more affordable, say realtors

Are they thinking of the same San Francisco?

17 percent of SF millennials say they’ll never buy a home

Three guesses why.

Affordable homes for disabled residents might go up right next to SF City Hall

Up to 102 units on city-owned property.

Mayor Breed refuses to sign law raising construction fees

"I remain concerned that this legislation, while well intended, will not produce the revenue it promises for affordable housing."

San Francisco voters back $600 million for affordable housing

Proposition A deepens SF’s pockets.

Here’s how much money Bay Area tech giants will invest in housing

Apple, Facebook, and Google have made seven-figure affordable housing investments since June.

The 2019 San Francisco voter guide

A housing-specific cheat sheet for the November SF election.

San Francisco to more than double office construction fees

Fee spike will pay for affordable housing in plan to offset effects of job growth.

Facebook pledges $1 billion to fight California affordable housing crisis

Thumbs up?

What’s happening with the shuttered McDonald’s in the Haight?

The city searches for developer to build housing at deserted fast food joint.

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SF rent laws your landlord probably doesn't want you to know

From living in an illegal unit to possible reductions in rent, here’s what you should know about renting in the city.

SF ditches fees for affordable housing and in-laws to speed up housing

Plan will cost nearly $2 million in fees, but lawmakers hope it will proliferate new units.

Google loans $50 million as part of billion-dollar housing plan

Loan to development fund that hopes to build 10,000 homes in ten years.

Mayor Breed drops, merges teacher housing plan

Compromise with Board of Supervisors helps save face after long fight over dueling proposals.

SF’s $1,200-per-month bunk bed ‘pods’ sold out

No vacancies at housing startup despite skepticism.

Why SF just voted against affordable housing for teachers

"The crisis will only get worse," said Mayor Breed following vote favoring competing plan.

SF wants $600 million housing bond for 2,800 homes

Two-thirds of voters must approve borrowing plan in off-year election.

These are the most affordable places to rent in the Bay Area

Only four regional cities cost less than the state average to rent, according to Zumper.

Amid contentiousness at City Hall, SF considers major rezoning for affordable teacher housing

Board of Supervisors have a plan to build educator housing, but Breed says it’s not nearly enough.

Mission development once blocked by neighbors now set for affordable housing

"We need more affordable housing in the Mission and throughout San Francisco so that our low- and middle-income residents can continue to live here," says Mayor Breed.

Startup rents bunkbeds in the Tendernob for $1,200 per month

"Pods" try to make a virtue of necessity.

California’s de facto rent control bill passes Assembly

"We have millions of Californians that are one rent increase away from being forced out of their homes," said David Chiu.

California’s transit-housing bill SB 50 stuck in Limbo until 2020

"We’re either serious about solving this crisis, or we aren’t," says Sen. Scott Wiener.