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Curbed SF Is Closing

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It’s not good-bye — we’re moving to a new home.

An aerial view of the San Francisco skyline. There are skyscrapers and no clouds in a light blue sky. Shutterstock

For 14 years, Curbed SF has been obsessed with all things San Francisco. We covered the city’s biggest developments, including the opening of the Transbay Transit Center and the construction of the Salesforce Tower, and its biggest failures, including the homelessness crisis and continuing dearth of affordable housing.

We provided daydream fodder by scoping out the most ridiculously priced homes in the country — like this one and this one and this one, too. We broadcast the coordinates of a home that once belonged to a pre–Social Network Mark Zuckerberg and broke important news like the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard toxic-waste scandal and the Camp Fire. We wrote love letters to San Francisco and Oakland and waxed poetic about brutalism before it was trendy. We ogled gorgeous interiors. We adored cartoonish exteriors. We demanded answers from two mayors of a housing-starved Silicon Valley mecca. We asked if S.F. could be fixed. We even tackled the ever-challenging question “Should I move to S.F.?” (Answer: Probably not.)

And don’t forget the Victorians. So many Victorians. So many, many Victorians.

It’s time for a new chapter. Effective today, we’re stopping production on this site. But it won’t be the end of Curbed stories about San Francisco and the Bay Area. Starting Monday, June 29, those stories will appear on, our flagship site, in preparation for a move over to New York Magazine this fall, where Curbed will live alongside verticals like the Cut, Grub Street, the Strategist, Vulture, and Intelligencer. At New York, we’ll have a bigger platform to tell the nation what’s happening in S.F., Silicon Valley, the East Bay, and beyond.

Curbed SF’s newsletter will still blast into your inbox every other Friday, and the archived version of Curbed SF will remain online — a testament to the work of the witty editors and contributors who have helped to make it an essential urban resource. Thanks to Sally Kuchar, Adam Brinklow, Mary Jo Bowling, Lamar Anderson, Breanna Reeves, Alex Bevk, Sarah Hromack, Jimmy Stamp, Chris Roberts, Alice Wong, Pen Harshaw, Azucena Rasilla, Sasha Perigo, Julia Kitlinski-Hong, and more.

Though Curbed’s headquarters are on the East Coast, I won’t be moving from my 1900s-era SoMa apartment any time soon. And, if I ever do, I promise not to write a “Why I Left S.F.” story or bemoan the purported loss of our city’s soul while using the ever-tired burrito and fog tropes.

If I could leave you, Curbed SF’s whip-smart loyal readers, with three final dictums, they would be: (1) Continue to love and learn about the city and neighborhood you call home, (2) design matters, and (3) sorry, you’re all still wrong — Stanley Saitowitz’s 8 Octavia is a beautiful glass-finned vision, however reminiscent of a school of dentistry.