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Clap your hands for Salesforce Tower

It lives for the applause

Each night just before 8 p.m., the crown of Salesforce Tower, the tallest structure in San Francisco, displays a series of clapping hands to honor frontline essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now the sleek behemoth wants your help. Boston Properties, the company that manages the tall tower, will show even more gratitude for essential workers by displaying a series of new videos featuring the public’s very own applause.

According to the press release, here’s how: “Raise your hands high above your head and record a 10-to 20-second clip against a well-lit solid color wall that contrasts your skin color (as seen here). Make sure your arms are in the frame at all times while clapping (your face will not be included).”

You may shoot the video on any device, but remember to keep the camera still and to keep you video file size under 25MB. The week-long video series, honoring national EMS (emergency medical services) week, will happen from May 17 until May 23.

Participants can send their applause video to Salesforce Tower will accept video submissions until the end of this week.

The series will be part of a new project in a joint effort with artist Jim Campbell whose work graces the top of the skyscraper come nightfall. Most notably, the tower’s tip turned into the Eye of Sauron for Halloween 2018 at the behest of Lord of the Rings geeks near and far.