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Two-story Sausalito houseboat asks $1.33M

The whimsical facade hides a sleek and contemporary interior

Photos courtesy of Compass

The Sausalito floating home community, a tight-knit group of residents, consists of more than 400 houseboats. So esteemed are these downright adorable homes, you can tour of the charming collective of aquatic architectural marvels every summer.

Now one of these homes is up for grabs—or at least it will be once the shelter-in-place order is lifted, whenever that will be.

Featuring two bedrooms and one bathroom, 50 Issaquah Dock comes with a porch, timber framing and exposed beams (painted white), a newly remodeled kitchen decked out in glossy gray tile, an outdoor terrace, a bathroom will cobalt blue tiling, and of course, its own dock for a motorboat.

This floating home stands apart from its neighbors with its unabashed use of orange and violet hues on the facade. Charming, to say the least.

Tours and an open house will be announced at a later date. The listing is through Steve Sekhon of Compass.

The living room comes with soaring ceilings.
A sitting alcove highlighted by floor-to-ceiling windows.
A clearly contemporary kitchen.
One of two bedrooms/
Wash your blues away.
The floating home’s rear from afar.