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This $9.8M condo at the St. Regis comes with a ‘cuddle puddle room’

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Ok then

The entryway with glass dividers feating birch tree designs by artist Amanda Weil.
Photos courtesy of Compass

A rare combined, double-unit condo inside the St. Regis Residence, with an “enchanted forest” interior design by Jay Jeffers, hits the market for a cool $9.8 million.

Coming in at two bedrooms, two and one half bathrooms, and 3,462 square feet, Unit C&D, located on the 25th floor, features aboral-themed divider glass panels in the foyer, created by artist Amanda Weil, which are meant to give off a forest-in-the-sky vibe.

But the whimsy doesn’t end there. Notably, this condo has a “cuddle puddle room,” which appears to have been created out of a former alcove. Leave your Arc’teryx vest at the door.

For those blissfully unaware, a “cuddle puddle,” according to The Bold Italic, was a touch-positive trend allegedly popular during the last decade wherein people lie on a floor together en masse, bodies touching. Elon Musk, of course, was spotted at one.

This room of bodily convergence also comes with a triangular wall display/shelving unit, cushion-covered floors, throw pillows, and eastern views of the city.

Other details outside of said room include a floral motif in the bathroom (simply lovely), an office, a study, a massive walk-in closet in the master bedroom, and a balcony looking over Yerba Buena Gardens.

The listing is through Monica Pauli of Compass.

An expansive living room.
The top of the W Hotel can be seen outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.
The kitchen.
Entrance to the “cuddle puddle room.”
Et voila.
An abstract floral look inside the guest bathroom.