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Prices announced for upcoming Yerba Buena Island luxury abodes

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Studios start at $800K

Rendering by Hayes Davidson

The Bristol, an incoming five-story condo building with 124 luxury homes atop Yerba Buena Island, announced asking prices Wednesday.

Prices will start from $800,000 for studios, $1 million for one-bedrooms, $1.7 million for two-bedrooms, and $3 million for three-bedrooms.

Featuring architecture by Hart Howerton and interiors by Edmonds + Lee, homes at the Bristol will range in size from roughly 630 to 2,248 square feet, with views of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge and nearby hillsides. The building will be curved and centered around an open-air courtyard and shared community building featuring amenities like a fitness studio, a children’s room, lounges, and a rooftop terrace.

The homes use materials like stone, metal, and painted brick, all of which will bear light-colored exteriors, which, while neither bold nor daring, should compliment the environmental surroundings.

Developer Wilson Meany will helm a total of 266 homes on Yerba Buena Island, with the remainder of the housing stock making up two other nearby complexes.

In addition to the tony homes, Walter Hood, recipient of the 2019 MacArthur “genius” grant, will design a new park to complement the top of the island.

The new development is part of the city’s plan to remake Treasure Island as a dense hub of new housing. Sales at the Bristol will begin this spring with move-ins anticipated for mid-2021.