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‘Full House’ house cuts price yet again

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Awwwww *music cue*

Two people hugging while sitting on the steps of a white Victorian house with red brick steps. A third person in the foreground is taking their picture, her back turned toward us. Photo by AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Whatever happened to predictability? Despite its exterior being famous around the world, the so-called “Full House house” at 1709 Broderick Street is, thus far, finding its latest sales bid a bust, as it returns to the market this week with another price cut.

Originally listed for $6 million even in May, the four-bed, four-bath, 3,728-square-foot Victorian chiseled iff a quarter million from its asking price in September, then briefly vanished from sales listings at the beginning of 2020.

Now it’s back—and the asking price has dropped to just less than $5.5 million.

Of course, lots of homes take some time to find a buyer, and although half a million dollars is a highly notable sum of money, in the scheme of single-family homes in San Francisco real estate, it’s a fraction of what the place will eventually score anyway.

The notable thing about the time the circa-1883 home has spent lingering on the market is that its TV pedigree hasn’t increased its appeal—in fact, the ad by realtor Rachel Swann still makes no mention of the home’s landmark status.

Perhaps in both of those cases it turns out that high-stakes buyers would prefer a San Francisco home that gets less attention—certainly the neighbors on Broderick Street find the home’s nostalgic crowds less than heartwarming.

Former Full House producer Jeff Franklin bought the house in 2016 for $4 million.