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Prices announced at Union House, Cow Hollow’s tony new condo complex

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Too bad it’s not taller!

A stone-panel and bronze facade highlights this corner building.
Renderings by Handel Architects, courtesy of Pike and Company

Eye-popping prices notwithstanding, there’s much to celebrate about Union House, the new condo complex on Union and Van Ness, like the lack of a fake neighborhood name (e.g., Van Mission) or the fact that it’s built atop a former gas station (take note, Sunset District hand-wringers).

Designed by Handel Architects, who created the looks of Rowan and the Pacific, Union House comes with 41 units in all: seven one-bedrooms (averaging 875 square feet) starting at $1.25 million, three one-and-a-half bedrooms (913 square feet), 23 two-bedrooms (1,390 square feet) starting at $1.95 million, six three-bedrooms (2,095 square feet), and two townhouse residences (1,648 square feet).

The one-bedrooms start at $1.25 million and the two-bedrooms begin at $1.95 million. “Price upon request” for the other larger units, according to the realtor.

The upscale homes all come with details found in many new homes geared toward SF’s elite: wide-plank oak flooring, Italian Calacatta marble, polished nickel finishes, Miele appliances, and—you guessed it—open floor plans.

Note that the windows for each unit have been engineered to provide a quiet interior as Van Ness is one of San Francisco’s busiest thoroughfares. And the stone-panel and bronze facade is a contemporary, though somewhat tame addition to the neighborhood; certainly better than the gas station that used to call this corner home.

The building also features a shared rooftop deck and approximately 2,900 square feet of ground-level retail space. As for affordable units, there aren’t any; DM Development paid the city an ”in-lieu fee” in place of offering affordable housing units.

Union House is also one of the too few new housing developments in northern part of San Francisco. So that’s good news. Let’s hope we see more of these residential buildings (albeit much taller ones and with affordable homes) pop up soon.

Building completion should be done by spring of this year.

The lobby comes with soaring ceilings.
An example of a living room with views of the Golden Gate Bridge.
A classic chef’s kitchen.
An example of Union House bathrooms featuring soaking tubs.
The rooftop deck at night.