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What $3,000 rents you in SF right now

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Five new rentals, from Alamo Square to the Mission

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person’s studio another person’s townhouse? Today’s price: $3,000.

Your eyes do not deceive you: This garden apartment in Alamo Square has tile floors (referred to as “slate-like” in the ad) in every room, single bedroom and bathroom included. Looks weird to most sensibilities, but there is a push in some quarters to make this a trend, especially among those promoting radiant heating. None of that’s in store at this place, although it is offering “wall to wall closets” and “cool original brick wall” to compliment the unusual aesthetic; in this case original means that the structure dates to 1936 along with the rest of the building. Pets are okay, as long as you’re paying $2,995 per month for rent.

What’s the byword on this Nob Hill apartment? Evidently, “gorgeousness,” as the owners are in full swoon mode over the one-bed, one-bath unit near the corner of Pine and Leavenworth. Of note are the home’s “five-tone paint,” chandeliers, and prominent picture window gazing out on the street below. Note that the bedroom is separated from the rest of the unit by a “French-style folding divider” rather than a door. In fact, they like the look of this place so much that the listing includes extra links to more photos, some of which show off a lovely lobby and staircase. There are no dogs allowed here, but the owners are okay with cats. The place costs $2,995 per month.

On the edge of the Central Richmond one can find a “large tri-level loft” with “very tall ceilings” that measure 15 feet, quartz counters, LED lighting, sunken bath, and “beautiful staircase leading up to a spacious loft.” Notice the gleaming domes of the Russian Orthodox church immediately across the street as well. The unit comes with one bed and one bath. No dogs allowed, but once again, cats are a go as long as you’ve got $2,995 each month.

On the other hand, this “one of a kind, top-floor, private unit” in North Beach is a much more snug affair, clocking in at less than 550 square feet, described in the ad as a “spacious two-room” unit (note that that’s two rooms, not two bedrooms). The studio makes a feint at being a junior one bedroom by positioning the bed behind built-ins, but they don’t quite extend far enough to constitute an alcove all their own. Nice try. But atrium windows provide a view of Telegraph Hill—which is to say, actually, literally the slope of the hill itself. It’s $3,000 per month, and no mention of pets.

Finally, on the edge of the Outer Richmond—a couple of blocks from the other Richmond home above—this price point finally breaks out and delivers a home big enough for two people, a two-bed, one-bath apartment in excess of 800 square feet overlooking 28th Avenue. It’s a “complete remodel [with] everything new” and white oak floors, and the second bedroom is qualified as a bonus room. Once again, it’s cat-lovers only here, The rent is $3,000 per month.


Which rental would you choose?

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    Hayes Valley Garden Apartment
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    Nob Hill Apartment
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    Richmond Loft
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    North Beach Studio
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    Richmond Apartment
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