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Double A-frame Eichler in Concord for under a million

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Photos courtesy of Thomas Westfall of Compass

Searching for midcentury-modern at a price under seven figures? Check out this this double A-frame Eichler in Concord. Designed by architect A. Quincy Jones and built by Joseph Eichler in 1964, the five-bedroom, two-bath home features gabled roofs, exposed beams, and tongue-and-groove ceiling oh-so popular inside these onetime-affordable tract houses.

Moving past the front door at 3724 Merridan, you’ll find the open air atrium punctuating the center of the home, which leads to three sets of sliding glass doors, two leading to bedrooms and one to the living room.

Measuring 1,993 square feet, the home’s floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow for maximum natural light. While much of this abode has remained as-is—or accentuated to some degree—the chimney’s original interior brick has been either replaced or covered up with stone slate. Otherwise, many period details remain, like the globe lighting, wood paneling, and even some of the aforementioned chimney brick, which can be seen outside from the patio.

The remodeled kitchen comes with updated appliances but still maintains a 1960s hue. Vinyl flooring can be found throughout the home, but new cork floors are in three of the bedrooms. (As purists know, cork flooring was original in most Eichler specimens.)

This home hits the market for $900,000, but could easily break the seven-figure mark; the listing is through Thomas Westfall of Compass.