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Weird Homes Tour coming to Bay Area for the first time ever

How bizarre, how bizarre

A look inside the Gregangelo Museum.
Photos courtesy of Weird Homes Tour

Founded in 2014 in Austin, Texas, a city that prizes itself on its weirdness, the Weird Homes Tour will finally makes its way to the Bay Area.

On May 23, lookie-loos will get to peek inside eight to ten artful, bizarre, and gloriously odd abodes on a self-guided one-day tour. Nary an open floor plan nor living wall will be found. The tour will also be a great way for people to reignite their interior-design imagination.

One of the stops will be the Gregangelo Museum. Featured on Netflix’s Amazing Interiors, the BCC, and HGTV, this Balboa Terrace home is the private residence of an artist who takes the maximalist theme and runs with it all the way to the circus and beyond. Or as the Bold Italic called it, “a surreal space that looks like the lovechild of Cleopatra and Salvador Dali.” (If your home is an especially evocative treasure that deserves to be seen, you can still apply to be a pitstop on this year’s tour.)

While the tour shines a light some on some of the city’s dwindling quirky people and places, it also brings attention to affordability crisis that has driven some of them out and donates a portion of its proceeds to Mission Housing Development Corporation, a nonprofit aimed at creating affordable housing.

In addition to Austin and now SF, Weird Homes Tour has events in Los Angeles, Portland, Detroit, Houston, and New Orleans. There’s even a Weird Homes Tour book and a podcast.

Tickets range from $40 to $60.