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This massive Palo Alto home wants $53.8 million

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It comes with an ice hockey rink and a professional basketball court

The facade at night.
Photos by Jacob Elliott, courtesy of Compass

When Sun Microsystems cofounder Scott McNealy put his home—a very large home, high atop a hill in Palo Alto—on the market in 2018, it made waves for having the audacity to ask for nearly $100 million.

Alas, no one bit.

Flash forward to today, the behemoth returns to the market, along with a new real estate company leading the charge, but this time a trimmer yet no less jarring asking price of $53,888,000.

This 20-room, four-story mansion, located at 610 Los Trancos Road, was built by Scott and his wife, Susan, in 2008. The couple spent roughly $11 million for its development and construction. It comes with five bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms, and 32,000 square feet, which is enough space for three mansions.

The main living room.

The massive abode was built for the family’s penchant for sports, health, and wellness. Which is to say, it comes with an indoor full-size professional basketball court; a locker room; gym; climbing wall; an ice hockey rink; and a spa with sauna, steam room, and massage table. There’s also a three-hole golf course and a 110-yard practice area with artificial turf.

“We treasure the time we spent in pursuit of all of their interests, and sharing our home with our friends, classmates, extended family and business associates,” said McNealy. “As newly minted empty nesters, we take pride in knowing that the next owners will enjoy similar experiences while we move into the next stage of our family’s life with a new home closer to our son as he pursues a career on the PGA Tour.”

It also comes with a billiards room, poker room, home theater, and a dance floor. Also of note, it’s not too far from Steph Curry’s new manse in Atherton.

The listing is through Samira Amid-Hozour of Compass and Deepee Chattha of REX.

The kitchen replete with marble countertops.
The top-floor walk way comes with windowed flooring.
A large skylight punctuates the master bathroom.
A crimson poker room.
The ice hockey rink.