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This SoMa studio asks only $399,000

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It’s located at Natoma and Sixth

A four-story building painted blue with bay windows.
The building’s blue facade.
Photos courtesy of Vanguard Properties

As the city’s real estate market soars, the all-too-rare instances of utter affordability in San Francisco are headline-worthy events. Take, for example, this humble studio in SoMa seeking a mere $399,000.

First, the good news: 520 Natoma, #12 comes with an eat-in kitchen with dishwasher, its own bathroom with shower and tub, updated flooring, and 11-foot ceilings. What’s more, the building, a cool blue stunner, is a circa-1911 Edwardian. Gorgeous.

And now, the not-so-good news: It’s inside a 12-unit tenancy-in-common building, so things will be tight. And then there’s the issue of its location at Natoma at Sixth Street, an area of concern that’s been down on its luck for decades. However, as Vanguard listing agent Roger Heffner points out, “Neither of these should be a problem for a sophisticated urbanite.”

Nevertheless, it’s still a great neighborhood that’s full of denizens who cherish the area and the people in it. And it’s also a couple blocks away from BART and Muni. Not too shabby when you think about it. Let’s hope SF sees more of these pint-sized dwellings with this kind of price tag hitting this decade.

The listing is through Mr. Heffner at Vanguard Properties.

A hallway with wooden floors and a door open leading to a kitchen.
The shared hallway leading to the unit’s front door.
A kitchen with faux brick wall decor and two windows.
This kitchen gets plenty of natural light.
A room with hardwood flooring, two windows with light coming in.
Even more light in the unit’s main room.
A bathroom with bath tub, toilet, sink, and window.
The bathroom, which comes with a window.