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Western Addition Queen Anne with turret and lacy spindlework asks $3.09M

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This 1892 Victorian mixes new and old

A row of Victorian Queen Annes with pointed turrets on top. Photos courtesy of Compass.

Oof. So much to love about this ample Victorian in Western Addition. Nestled within a cluster of Queen Annes, this specimen was built in 1892 by Cranston and Keenan—active builders in the Haight District around the 1890s and 1900s, whose works can be seen throughout District Five. It has since been renovated, but still keeps a careful eye on the past.

More noteworthy about 705 Broderick is its unabashed curb appeal, with ornamented front-facing gable, patterned shingles, bay windows, balcony, and decorative spindlework gracing the entryway. Its finger-prick pointy turret, a glorious Queen Anne detail that can be found atop neighboring homes, is equally hard to resist.

The property is divided into two living spaces: A three-bedroom, four-bathrooms main home, which measures 2,836 square feet and occupies the top three floors; and a 469-square-foot lower-level studio/suite with separate entrance and kitchen.

Original details inside the main house include ceiling medallions, carved wood arches, parlor doors, original wood banister, and crown molding. Updated elements, like the new kitchen (with bang-up tile floors) and new bathrooms, bring this Vic into the 21 century. The attic has been transformed into a living space, decked out with skylights and turret room.

Purists might wince at the newer treatments, but they’re a breath of fresh air for those who err on the side of creature comforts over relentless period charm.

“We moved into this grand but run down Victorian twenty years ago because we needed a larger home to raise our kids,” note the current owners. “We worked hard to bring back its vitality without eroding its old world charm.”

Asking is $3,095,000, through Ric Roc and Callista Shepherd of Compass.

Living room with carved wood arches, large windows, and a light treatment dangling from a Victorian-era ceiling medallion.
Master living room and parlor.
Close-up shot of the detailed carved wood archway.
Up close and person with period charm.
Renovated new kitchen with orange and black patterned tile work and new grey cabinetry.
A small sunroom just off the kitchen, replete with a wall of windows and natural sunlight.
A sunroom.
Shot of the stairwell and original wood banister.
Vertigo-inducing staircase with its original banister.
One of four bedrooms with window.
One of four bedrooms.
Six-paned bay window in the bedroom with a fireplace.
Fireplace inside the master bedroom.
Attic living room with skylights (with half-closed curtains on them), large L-shaped couch, and pitched ceiling.
Renovated attic space with skylights.