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This seaside Belvedere house would make a great vacation home

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A comparatively humble—but no less stunning—abode in the tony North Bay enclave

Aerial shot of rear side of the house sitting above the water on steel pillars. The big deck comes with a docked boat. Photos by Jason Wells

Compared to its nearby sister cities, the elite town of Belvedere, located just across the bay, is a world away in terms of economics and attitude. The well-to-do hamlet also features some of the choicest housing stock in the Bay Area, ranging from overly ornate to muted midcentury. This 1968 specimen hovering above the bay is an ideal example of the latter.

It lands on the market for $3,795,000, listed through Tracy McLaughlin of The Agency.

Featuring five bedrooms, four and one half bathrooms, and 3,670 square feet, 85 West Shore Road comes with an open floor plan and a smattering of midcentury period details, like vaulted ceilings and exposed beams.

One of only 54 homes on the coveted West Shore Road, other highlights here include five fireplaces (two gas, three wood-burning), hardwood flooring, a boat dock, an expansive rear deck that could entertain a large party, an interior courtyard offering protection from wind and sun, and views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Also of note, the windows and skylights galore used to flood the home with copious amounts of natural light. In a word, glorious.

Buttery-yellow living room with a white ceilings with exposed beams and vaulted ceilings. There are windows covering the right side of the room with views of the bay.
Open-floor plan creates a large space while allowing for maximum views.
Kitchen with gleaming kitchen island has vaulted ceilings with three large skylights.
Skylights allow natural light into the kitchen.
White ceilings with exposed beams in a bedroom with a plush seat, TV above the fireplace, and glass doors leading to an outdoor deck.
Master bedroom comes with vaulted ceilings and views of the bay.
A large skylights hovers above this bathroom replete with floor-to-ceiling mirrors.
We love a master bathroom with floor-to-ceiling mirrors.
A large wood deck overlooks a sun-kissed bay. There’s patio seating and a docked boat.
The perfect substitute for a lawn-and-pool backyard.