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What $5,000 rents in San Francisco right now

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Five new rentals, from South Beach to Midtown Terrace

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person’s studio another person’s townhouse? Today’s price: $5,000.

Although South Beach wasn’t the destination neighborhood in 2003 that it is today, condos at the Glassworks building at 207 King still sold for well over $1 million when it opened that year. Since then the premium on the place has only risen. Now an “impeccable two-level loft” with one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms in the building runs $4,900 per month. The leasing agent describes the first level as “hardwood open concept area with 12-foot ceilings” comprising the living room, kitchen, guest half bath, and walk-in pantry. The upstairs loft is mostly the bedroom. Garage parking and pets both included in the package.

Back in 2003 the East Cut wasn’t yet the East Cut, either—but now these two neighborhoods have names and identities, and increasingly different stock in condos as well. At 340 Fremont, a $4,975-per-month unit promises “one bedroom with stellar walk-in closet and Bay Bridge views” and pets included. “This 40-story tower is a crisp new addition to the city skyline and represents the ultimate in luxury urban living”—or so the ad would have renters believe, promising the likes of a concierge, roof deck, and private lounges. The building even has a charging station for electric vehicles. (Luxury urban living. indeed.) Despite the emphasis on the walk-in closet, the listing deprives would-be tenants of any images of it.

The Sunset, on the other hand, has been the Sunset all along, although some things have changed about this enduring neighborhood, namely that it now costs $4,988 per month for a house deemed the “heart of the Sunset with fabulous views.” This three-bed, two-bath home dates to 1957 and still looks retro in certain places (dig the pink shell tile in that bathroom). Spreading out over 2,230 feet with attached garage, the listing offers a recently updated interior with “snow-white quartz countertops,” gas-burning stovetop, new dishwasher, tile backsplash, and original wood cabinets. There’s even a gardener for the backyard. Missing: any mention of pets.

The first question any San Francisco renter should have about a listing in Avalon Park is: Where the heck is Avalon Park? The answer is not exactly in San Francisco. This “remodeled three bedroom, two bath home” sits just south of the California Golf Club of San Francisco, that’s actually in South San Francisco. Pretty sneaky slipping into the SF listings. But on the bright side, it does look like a spacious place and the remodel obviously had its eye on San Francisco condo style with the neutral color palette right down to the lightly stained gray floors. The $4,950-per-month price tag—with no mention of pets—is also reminiscent of the city.

Last of all, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom house comes with “views of ocean/trees/hills/city” from “two large nine-by-five viewing windows.” Of course, most homes in Midtown Terrace sport views, but for $5,000 per month not all of them offer glass subway tile, Italian tile floors, white oak, or a garage. Note that the basement is unfinished and there’s no pets allowed.


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