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This Castro home comes with a pool in the living room

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Take the plunge

As temperatures soar to ungodly numbers this week, pore over the following real estate daydream fodder: a Castro house with its very own pool smack dab in the living room.

Ahh, refreshing.

Featuring two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 2,124 square feet, 15 Seward (a few feet away from the famous cement slides) is centered around an indoor swimming pool and blue-tiled jacuzzi. It’s a little bit of 1984 in 2019.

The contemporary abode also comes with exposed beams, a soaring three-story glass staircase; windows galore, including one in the kitchen that frames the San Francisco skyline; glass floors (why not?); and even a home theater. There’s even a roof deck to boot, which gives a 180-degree view of the city.

Updated elements include a new kitchen, refreshed bathrooms, and more.

Asking is $2,795,000 through Rick Rochon of Zephyr Real Estate.