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What residents love—and loathe—the most in every SF neighborhood

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Spoiler: Everybody dislikes Muni

An aerial photo showing almost all of San Francisco from above. Photo by Dicklyon

San Francisco released its most recent annual city survey in May, polling 2,218 residents about their level of satisfaction with city services.

On Tuesday, the city launched an online tool that categorizes the survey’s responses by district, providing a user-friendly interface for discovering what different neighborhoods are most and least happy about.

The “results by district” page breaks down how many of those polled gave high marks (responding “excellent” or “good” in the survey) to 30 different metrics, including things like “safety overall,” “government overall,” “Muni reliability,” and even helpfulness of the staff at the public library.

The tables also compare whether satisfaction in each category is higher or lower than the city’s overall average. Here’s the temperaments across all 11 districts. (Note that these comparisons omit the library categories; pretty much every neighborhood is pleased with their branch.)

  • District 1: Residents in this district, which includes the Richmond and Sea Cliff, rank “safety during the day” the highest with a 93.5 percent approval rating, also praising “parks overall,” “landscaping in parks,” and “water services” in the neighborhood. District 1 is the only district that’s happier than the SF average in every non-library related category, although residents still gave below 50 percent approval to Muni—especially in the categories of “Muni cleanliness,” “crowding on Muni,” and “Muni overall” and to street and sidewalk cleanliness.
  • District 2: This area, spanning the Presidio, Marina, and Cow Hollow, among others, also ranks “safety during the day” the highest at 91.3 percent. Although “safety at night” and “safety overall” both fall 27 points lower. Water and landscaping were the second and third most praised, respectively, while the same three Muni categories as D1 fell to the bottom of the list, along with pavement conditions.
  • District 3: Including North Beach, Telegraph Hill, and Chinatown, these neighborhoods praised “water services” the highest, along with “recreation programs,” “condition of park buildings,” and “safety during the day.” However, they were unhappy about “Muni cleanliness,” “street and sidewalk cleanliness,” and “crowding on Muni.” Safety on Muni, safety at night, and safety overall all ranked below 50 percent.
  • District 4: The Sunset gave highest marks to “landscaping in parks,” “safety during the day,” and “recreation programs.” Lowest marks went to “crowding on Muni,” “Muni frequency and reliability,” and “Muni overall.” “Muni cleanliness” fared poorly too—some combination of these four Muni categories rank at the bottom in nearly every district.
  • District 5: Spanning the Haight and Cole Valley, D5 residents were happiest about “safety during the day” (but ranked “safety at night” 33 points lower), “water services,” and “recreation programs.” But they groused about every Muni category except “courtesy of drivers,” as well as about street cleanliness.
  • District 6: A huge area including the Tenderloin, SoMa, South Beach, Treasure Island, and the East Cut, these San Franciscans ranked lower than the SF average for satisfaction in almost every single category. But recreation programs, water, and “libraries overall” got the highest approval, while street cleanliness, “safety overall,” and “Muni overall” scraped the bottom of the list, with street cleanliness being the lowest in the city.
  • District 7: In the area comprising Forest Hill, West Portal, and Parkmerced, far and away the best results were for “safety during the day,” although water services and “311 overall” ranked highly too—in fact, D7 residents beat the city’s 311 average by ten points. This was also the only area to put “infrastructure overall” in the top four. All four of the bottom ranking categories were Muni related ones: crowding, reliability, cleanliness, and “Muni overall.” The biggest non-Muni problem was “bad street conditions.”
  • District 8: The Castro, Noe Valley, and Glen Park residents also praised recreation, “safety during the day,” “water services,” and “sewer services.” D8 residents also praised city services above the city average in almost every category. The same four aforementioned Muni issues hit the bottom of the list. Residents also ranked “safety at night” 30 points lower than “safety during the day.”
  • District 9: Dominated by the Mission, D9 reserves the happiest opinions for recreation programs, water, park landscaping, and “parks overall”—that Dolores Park overhaul is still sitting pretty with the neighbors—but complained about “condition of street pavement,” sidewalk cleanliness, and about Muni crowding and cleanliness.
  • District 10: Including Bayview, Dogpatch, and Mission Bay, D10 residents are far less satisfied compared to the rest of the city, beating the SF average approval in only four categories—park cleanliness, park buildings, “government overall,” and interestingly, Muni reliability—and by a margin of less than two percent in all of those. Recreation programs, landscaping, and park buildings got the best rating, while “safety overall” and “safety at night” ranked among the lowest in the city.
  • District 11: The city’s southernmost region, covering neighborhoods like Crocker-Amazon and Excelsior, had very high marks for safety during the day, but included “safety at night” in some of its lowest ranking spots, alongside “safety overall” and the most common Muni complaints. Water services, landscaping, and 311 also received high marks.

For the curious, the only Muni-related category to get more than 50 percent in every neighborhood: “courtesy of drivers,” which ranked higher than every other Muni metric in all 11 districts.