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Koji Tsutsui’s minimalist Mill Valley home hits the market for $1.55M

So much to love inside this sparse abode

Exterior of home shows it made up of several boxes, it’s accompanied by lush trees and views of the hillside. Photo by Iwan Baan, courtesy of Koji Tsutsui

Made up of 10 boxes, this home in Mill Valley, designed and lived in by architect Koji Tsutsui, shows how minimalist can—and should—be done. Its austerity has been mimicked by many contemporary homes, but its grace and authenticity are unmatched. Is it possible to be whimsical and bombastic at the same time? This house is proof of yes.

Featuring three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,740 square feet, 8 Madrone Park Circle sits hillside on a 20-degree slope, raised from the ground on steel columns. Each box inside the “multicellular home” represents a room.

The majority of the home is filled with lightly stained plywood floors and multiple series of gray steps that pair nicely with the seemingly endless angles of white walls. An abundance of large windows allow for maximum natural light while providing arboreal views.

A treat for any architecture geek or design-savvy recluse who yearns to get away from the daily grind.

Asking is $1,550,000 through Millennium Group—James Nead and Courtney Ott.

Long shot of the home, which features several series of gray steps. White walls and chairs and sofas can also be seen.
Series of steps take you from one box to the next.
Photos by Rob Jordan, courtesy of James Nead at Compass
Living room space with bookshelf that takes up an entire wall.
Living room space.
Kitchen area with window featuring verdant trees.
Kitchen area.
Master bedroom with picture window with tree views. There’s also a bed, white chair, and two white lamps.
Master bedroom.
View of one of the steps landing with two square archways. Lots of white walls and windows.
Angles galore.
Outdoor terrace with views of tree-laced hillside. There’s also a couple of outdoor chairs and a coffee table.
Outdoor terrace.