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Tour one of San Francisco’s most expensive homes—without leaving your chaise lounge

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It comes with a “bat cave” garage and a detached wellness center

When the sprawling six-bed, seven-and-a-half-bath, 9,500-square-foot contemporary abode at 950 Lombard first listed in October 2018, it made a wineglass-dropping entrance asking $45.5 million.

Two years later, after the 181 Fremont grand penthouse and the upcoming Four Seasons tower penthouse (asking $46 million and $49 million, respectively) crashed the party, the Russian Hill home was no longer top dog, but that doesn’t make it any less top-drawer today.

The house, which is still on the market, recently received the video treatment care of Architectural Digest, which you can watch above. Inside you’ll find a two-story subterranean art galley (humidity controlled), glass elevator to all levels, marble-encased master bathrooms, 850-square-foot wellness center with massage room, and a concrete tunnel-like drive that leads to a four-car garage, which the developer likens to “the bat cave.”

The place is big enough to accommodate more than 300 people at once if future homeowners are particularly ambitious about entertaining. The style is very much of a mind with most constructions on Russian Hill these days—think concrete, open, airy, and bright.

Here are a few images of the home, in case you want more.

A shingled house with a vaulted roof and a contemporary looking addition that dominates the front. Photos by Jacob Elliott, courtesy of Pacific Union International